ADM Information

Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) are issued by Qantas to recover amounts that should have been remitted to us. We encourage you to use the information provided on Qantas Agency Connect to ensure that documents are issued correctly and ADMs avoided.

General Information

Why are ADMs Issued?

ADMs are issued by Qantas for the following reasons:

Incorrect Application of Fare and Ticket Conditions and Qantas Reissue Policies including: 

  • Advance Purchase 
  • Combinations
  • Fare Basis 
  • Flight Application
  • Form of Payment
  • Minimum/Maximum Stay
  • No Show
  • Routing
  • Sales Restriction
  • Seasonality
  • Stopover
  • Ticketing Time Limit (TTL) 
  • Tour code

Failure to include correct endorsements and codes on the ticket including: 

  • Authority for commercial waiver of a fare  condition
  • Authority for a Qantas schedule change
  • Authority for another airline schedule change 
  • Qantas Client Identification (QCI) code 

Additional Reasons include:

  • Non-collection of the Qantas Channel fee.
  • Issuing a ticket in O/N/Q/E class when not eligible.
  • Incorrect use or application of special Qantas fares.
  • Reissue to a different QCI code.
  • Refund to a different form of payment or a different credit card.
  • Misuse of Married Flights availability.
  • Class Mismatch.
  • Refund to an IATA number other than the original issuing IATA number.
  • Reissue by a different IATA number.
  • No Show of a passenger on an unticketed booking.
  • Incorrect validation to Qantas (081).
  • Incorrectly claimed commission.
  • Incorrect issue of EMD.
  • Incorrect collection of Fare, Carrier Imposed Fees and/or Ticket Taxes.
  • Chargebacks – including cancellation fees and commission.

How are ADMs Issued?

All Qantas ADMs are issued via BSPlink so are easy for you to manage quickly.

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What is the Administration Fee for Processing an ADM?

An administration fee of NZ$50 applies to each ADM in addition to the amount for which the ADM is raised.

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ADM Dispute Process

ADM Dispute Process

If you have justification to claim that Qantas has sent you an ADM notification in error, you may dispute the ADM: 

  • Within 14 days from the date of the ADM notification via BSPlink.
  • By clicking on the ‘Dispute’ button at the bottom of the ADM notification and providing specific details of your justification for disputing the ADM.
If the original ADM notification was correct, the ADM originally issued via BSPlink will be processed.

If Qantas agrees that the ADM needs adjustment, we will cancel and reissue an adjusted ADM or raise an Agency Credit Memo (ACM) for the difference once the original ADM is billed.

When the ‘Dispute’ button is no longer available, further communication regarding your ADM Dispute should be made direct with Qantas to the email address provided on the ADM.

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ADM Reduction Requests

In the following circumstances, Qantas will reduce the amount of an ADM to a flat rate of NZ$50 where a shortfall in the amount remitted was due to a ticketing error. The ADM administration fee does not apply.

The ADM reduction applies to:

  • Qantas Schedule Change when an authority was provided but was not added to the endorsement box. 
  • Other Airline Schedule Change when an authority was provided but was not added to the endorsement box. 
  • Fees not remitted, when a Commercial Waiver was provided but was not added to the endorsement box.
  • Incorrect remittance of fare due to Qantas Corporate Identification (QCI) number missing from the Tour Code box.

If you have received an ADM notification for the full amount of the shortfall and the specific ticketing errors listed above have occurred you may request that the ADM is reduced to NZ$50:

  • Within 15 days from the date of the ADM notification
  • Via BSPlink, using the ADM Dispute process

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