Qantas Payment Policy

1. Qantas Payment Policy

1.1 This policy outlines:

(a) the payment methods accepted by Qantas from Agents (See Part A: Qantas Payment Methods); and
(b) obligations and requirements of Agents who use Qantas Payment Method (See Part B: Qantas Payment Requirements).

1.2 All defined terms in the Qantas Standard Agency Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Payment Policy unless stated otherwise.

Part A: Qantas Payment Methods

2. Qantas Payment Methods

2.1 Qantas accept the following payment methods from Agents for the purchase of Qantas Products (Qantas Payment Methods):

(a) Customer Card payments;
(b) BSP Cash;
(c) Bank transfers;
(d) BPay
(e) PayPal
(f) PayID
(g) IATA EasyPay;

2.2 Qantas Payment FeesOpens in a new tab or window may apply to certain Qantas Payment Methods.

2.3 Agents must consult their Technology Partner for the Qantas Payment Methods accepted in the market/s they operate.

2.4 The type of Qantas Payment Method accepted from an Agent is dependent on the channel through which the Qantas Product is purchased or requested and subject to Agent complying with any associated obligations relevant to the distribution channel and payment type.

2.5 Despite any IATA resolution, no Cards issued in the name of the Agent or their respective Personnel (Agent or Agency Card) will be accepted by Qantas as a payment method for the purchase of Qantas Products as outlined in the Qantas Standard Agency Terms and Conditions.

3. Qantas Payment services

3.1 The below table sets out the Qantas Payment Method accepted by Qantas for payment from an Agent in each Qantas distribution channel.

3.2 Agent may accept and process Customer Card payments for Qantas Products using the Qantas merchant (Qantas Card Payment Service).

Qantas Payment Services Table

Qantas distribution channel BSP Qantas Distribution Platform Qantas Agency Connect (via consultant) Qantas Agency Connect Site Qantas Group Sales
Payment Type
BSP Cash Yes    Yes Yes   Yes
Bank Transfer         Yes
BPay       Yes  
PayID       Yes  
PayPal       Yes  
EasyPay Yes Yes     Yes
Payment Type
Customer Card          
Mastercard Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visa Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AMEX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diners Club Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UATP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discover Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
JCB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Disclaimer: Notes:
Disclaimer: *ONLY accepted in Australia and United States
Disclaimer: ^ ONLY accepted in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and China
Disclaimer: # accepted for deposits only

**Qantas Agency Connect (via a consultant) and Qantas Group Sales accept Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD) as a method of payment for Qantas Products. An EMD may be purchased by an Agent using Customer Card or BSP Cash.

Part B: Qantas Payment Obligation

4. General Disclosure Obligations to Customers

4.1 The Agent must disclose to its Customers prior to any payment being processed, any applicable fees related to the processing of a payment.

4.2 Any payment fees applied by the Agent must be clearly identified and distinguished between a Qantas Payment Fee and an Agent payment fee.

5. Compliance

5.1 When utilising the Qantas Card Payment Services, Agents must comply with:

(a) the requirements set out in IATA Resolution 890; and
(b) the PCI DSS (and any new or updated version of the PCI DSS).

5.2 The Agent is liable for all potential costs and /or penalties as a result of any failure to comply with requirements set out in this clause 5 or any other misconduct or incorrect use of the Qantas Card Payment Services.

5.3 Qantas may issue an ADM to recover from the Agent any costs and / or penalties incurred by Qantas as a result of Agent non-compliance with this clause 5.

6. Cardholder authentication and card payment authorisation

6.1 Prior to accepting a Customer Card for payment of a Qantas Product using the Qantas Card Payment Services, the Agent must:

(a) obtain cardholder authorisation for use of a Customer’s Card; and
(b) undertake any authentication process mandated by the relevant Card Scheme or local legislation or regulation (such as EMV 3DS)..

6.2 An Agent must authorise all Customer Card payments that are processed using the Qantas Card Payment Service and include, where applicable, the authentication response in each payment request.

6.3 Qantas retains the right to remove Qantas Card Payment Services from Agents who do not comply with these requirements.

7. Card Payment (OB) Fees

7.1 Use of the Qantas Card Payments Services may incur a Qantas Card Payment Fee. Qantas Card Payments Fee are set out in the Schedule of FeesOpens in a new tab or window and applicable fees are subject to the distribution channel through which the Customer Card payment is processed by the Agent.

7.2 Qantas Card Payment Fees for Qantas (081) tickets are collected through your Technology Partner using the industry standard OB code and receipted using the OB ticketing fee off the ticket.

7.3 All fare quotes provided by the Qantas Agency Connect Team are based on cash payment. OB fees are not included in the quote and are calculated by your Technology Partner when the ticket is issued.

8. Refunds

All refunds transacted by the Agent must only be refunded to the original form of payment used to purchase from Qantas in accordance with Qantas Refund Policy.

9. Disputed transactions

If Qantas is issued with a dispute notice or chargeback notice from its merchant acquirer, it will request details from the Agent in relation to the dispute. If the Agent does not provide the required information or the chargeback is upheld by the card issuer, Qantas will issue an ADM to the Agent to cover the value of the chargeback in accordance with the Qantas ADM Policy.

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