Service Request Policies

Qantas Agency Connect Service Requests enables you 24/7 access to a suite of support tools to assist in managing your customer booking requirements.

Policy Summary
Automatic Waitlist Clearance The automatic waitlist clearance (AWC) process reviews and confirms waitlisted passengers on Qantas operated and marketed flights as space becomes available.
Cancelled in Error If you have cancelled your customer’s flight in error in the last 24 hours you can request the flight to be reinstated by completing our online Flight Cancelled in Error Service Request.
Class Upgrade If you need to upgrade your customer’s flight/s to a higher class in the same cabin please complete our online Class Upgrade Service Request. 
How to Self-Service your Customer's Booking Qantas Agency Connect is your destination for all agency support requirements.
The Qantas Agency Connect online portal provides you with the tools to self-service your customer's booking at anytime. 
Name Correction and Name Change The following procedures apply when a correction or change is required to a customer's name. Tickets must be validated to Qantas (081) and be wholly unused. 
Qantas and Other Airline Schedule Change Policy A schedule change is an involuntary change to a flight. A UN/TK is generated to your customer’s booking to notify you of the change.