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Qantas Agency Connect Service Requests

Latest News|Published 5 May 2023

Qantas Agency Connect Service Requests enables you 24/7 access to a suite of support tools to assist in managing your customers booking requirements.

What are Service Requests?

From Wednesday 31st May, the QAC email inbox will no longer be accessible and managed. All enquiries must now be raised as a QAC Service Request. These services all offer an easy to follow interactive flow, guiding you to enter your customer’s details to enable you to submit the forms online and track the progress. To access and process Service Requests you will be required to log in to Qantas Agency Connect with your agency log in details.

Self service the following waiver and favour requests online, in your time:

  • Schedule Change Authority
  • Fare Quote or Reassessment
  • Ticket Request (when your customers ticket needs to be reissued by QAC)
  • Name Correction Authority
  • Flight Reinstatement (Flight Cancelled in Error)
  • Fare Rule Waiver (Change fee, TTL, Expired Fare or Ticket Validity)
  • Class Upgrade

Our QAC portal houses a wealth of information including current and historical Commercial Policies, Domestic and International fare clue cards, ticketing policies, airport information, product & network information, learning hub modules and much more.

If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for online, QAC can be reached by phone during normal business hours on 0800 731 313 (best time to call is between 9-11amNZT)

When to call QAC?

Please call the Qantas Agency Connect Team for:

  • Schedule Changes when unable to be actioned online
  • Fare reassessments for imminent departures
  • Any fare reassessments that cannot be requested online
  • Suspend coupons in M class which currently cannot be actioned online
  • Urgent issues where travel is imminent 

Complete the Learning Hub module

To make this transition easy to understand, we’ve created a Learning Hub module with step-by-step guides and how-to videos.