Qantas to introduce lower pricing via the Qantas Distribution Platform Corporate FAQs

Updated: 29 November 2022

From today, you and your employees will be able to access Australian domestic fares up to 4% lower in price via the Qantas Distribution Platform, compared to what is now available in other indirect booking systems that do not access Qantas Distribution Platform content. 

This difference in price via the Qantas Distribution Platform applies to the published base fare, excluding applicable taxes, fees and carrier charges. The difference in price may also vary depending on the route and class of travel, and the difference may change over time.

Lower pricing through the Qantas Distribution Platform means that Qantas is able to share the benefits and efficiencies of New Distribution Capability (NDC) with our valued customers. Lower pricing will also encourage more agents to access Qantas Distribution Platform content and complements the many retailing capabilities, features, and benefits already enabled.

Your Travel Management Company (TMC) and/or Online Booking Tool (OBT) may still need to undertake steps to finalise their access to Qantas Distribution Platform content. You are encouraged to speak with your TMC and OBT about their plans to access Qantas Distribution Platform content.

These Frequently Asked Questions have been provided to help you prepare for and understand this change.