Q Surcharges

The application of Q surcharges is an airline industry practice.

When are Q Surcharges Applied?

Q surcharges may apply to Qantas fares for the following reasons:

  • Outbound and/or inbound travel during peak periods.
  • Travel on specific flight numbers.
  • Travel on peak days of week for fares that do not offer ‘day of the week’ pricing.

Other reasons for the use of Q surcharges include:

  • A government imposed navigation surcharge that applies to flights to/from and within Canada

How are Q Surcharges Applied?

Q surcharges will automatically quote in your customer's booking and will appear in the fare calculation on the ticket. 

You can check the surcharges paragraph of the applicable fare rule for further information.

Child and infant discounts apply to peak travel Q surcharges on Qantas fares.

There are no discounts for the Canada Navigation surcharge.


The application of Q surcharges may change at any time without prior notification. 

What is 'Day of Week' Pricing?

Qantas offers 'day of week' pricing across Economy, Premium Economy and Business class fares to Asia and South West Pacific.

'Day of week' pricing can be identified by an 'X' for weekdays and 'W' for weekends in the fare basis code.