Infant Fare and Ticketing Guidelines

An infant is a child under two years of age who does not occupy a seat. You can use these guidelines to assist you to book your customer’s infant.
Child fares apply if an infant occupies a seat. Please refer to fare rules for applicable discounts.

General Information

How are Infant Fares Calculated?

Australian Domestic
Infants not occupying a seat travel free of charge.

Infants not occupying a seat travel for 10% of the applicable adult fare plus taxes and surcharges.

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What Happens if the Infant Turns Two During the Journey?

For Bookings With Qantas Operated and Marketed Flights Only
If all flights in the booking are Qantas operated and marketed, the infant fare applies for the entire journey, providing the infant does not occupy a seat.

For Bookings With Emirates Flights on Inbound Travel
If the inbound travel includes Emirates (EK) operated flights, you can select from the following options:

  • Book the outbound as an infant fare and the inbound as a child fare. You will need to book a seat for the infant for inbound travel and manually quote and ticket the fare
  • Book a child fare for the entire journey
  • Rebook to Qantas operated flights only

For Bookings With Other Airline or Codeshare Flights
Please check the infant policy direct with the operating airline.

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Your Customer’s Booking

Adding an Infant Name

An infant can be added to the booking at the time of booking creation or at a later date before departure.

To add an infant to the booking, the following information is required:

  • Full name as per passport
  • Date of birth

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Ticketing an Infant

Australian Domestic
A ticket is not required to be issued.

If an infant is included when the booking is created:

  • Issue the infant ticket at 10% of the adult fare plus applicable taxes.

If an infant is added to the booking at a later date:

  • The infant ticket can be issued at 10% of the ticketed adult fare plus applicable taxes.
  • This applies regardless of ticketing time limit and whether the ticketed fare is still available for sale. No authority is required.

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GDS Entries

The infant name is added to the adult name field.
For more information - enter HENM.

The infant name is entered as a separate name field.

Add an SSR to advise the airline that an infant is travelling with an adult (-1.1 refers to the adult name field).

Add an SSR to advise the airline that an infant is travelling with an adult (3SAN1.1INFT-2.1/01JAN18)

Please refer to your GDS help desk for further assistance with GDS entries and functionality.

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