Bid Now Upgrades

Customers with eligible bookings may be invited to make an offer to upgrade to a premium cabin using a combination of Qantas Frequent Flyer Points and cash, if they are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, or cash only if they are not a Qantas Frequent Flyer.

General Information

How Do Bid Now Upgrades Work?

An invitation to make an offer may be emailed to your customer 7 days prior to flight departure.

If an invitation is not received within 7 days of departure, your customer can complete a Bid Now UpgradeOpens in a new tab or window check to see if they are eligible.

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Will I Know if My Customer has Submitted a Bid Now Upgrade?

You will not be advised your customer has received/accepted a Bid Now Upgrade invitation, but the below codes will be entered in their booking:

  • SK FQUB –  if a customer has made a Bid Now Upgrade offer
  • SSR PUPG – confirmation your customer has been upgraded. The flight segment will change to U (Business class) or Z (Premium Economy class) and an EMD-A will be issued by Qantas.

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Further Information

  • The original fare conditions of the booking will apply to the upgraded booking.
  • Your customer will be entitled to all inclusions of the upgraded class, with the exception of Chauffeur Drive.
  • Qantas Lounge access eligibility is based on class of travel for the next onward flight or their Qantas Club membership or the Frequent Flyer membership tier.

To find out more about Bid Now Upgrades, take a look at the Terms and ConditionsOpens in a new tab or window.

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Your Customer

Notification and Acceptance

Your customer will be advised by email between 24 and 12 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure if their upgrade offer has been accepted.

If the upgrade offer is accepted, the Qantas Points and money offered will be automatically deducted~.

If the offer is not successful your customer will not be charged and their booking will not change.

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Changes and Cancellations

Your customer can enter their booking details on the Bid Now Upgrade page on to review, submit, modify or cancel an existing offer.

~ Members are responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient funds on their nominated payment card and a sufficient amount of Qantas Points in their Qantas Frequent Flyer membership account from the time the upgrade offer is submitted to the scheduled flight departure time. When an upgrade offer is accepted, the nominated payment card will be charged the money payable in the currency displayed on the payment page.

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