Use of Medical Oxygen on Qantas Services

If your customer requires medical oxygen during a flight, ensure the following requirements are met prior to travel:

  • A medical practitioner will need to complete and sign a Qantas Group Medical Clearance Form, indicating the customer’s fitness for travel in accordance with our Travel Clearance Guidelines.
  • You must either fax or email the completed form to Qantas Specific Needs team at least 72 hours prior to your customer’s intended travel.  Email to If your customer does not have an approved Travel Clearance Form they may be denied boarding.
  • If your customer is travelling on a B737 aircraft and requires Qantas to supply oxygen cylinders, an Extra Seat (EXST) for Personal Comfort must be booked.

Your customer and/or their Carer must know how to operate the equipment and ensure there is sufficient oxygen and battery life for the duration of their flight (including unscheduled delays).

Except for medical emergencies, our cabin crew cannot provide in-flight treatment.

Medical oxygen cannot be supplied on QantasLink flights (flight numbers QF1400 – 2899) or international flights operated by partner airlines.

Oxygen Concentrators

Customers may use portable oxygen concentrators on board Qantas aircraft. These devices are both battery and electrically powered.

For a list of accepted devices please refer to the list of  authorised medical equipmentOpens in a new tab or window.

Qantas does not supply oxygen concentrators for customers to use on any flights.

For Australian domestic and international flight requirements please refer to:

Oxygen Cylinders

Customers can either supply their own cylinder(s) or book Qantas supplied cylinder(s).

If your customer is travelling on a B737 aircraft and requires Qantas to supply oxygen cylinders, an Extra Seat (EXST) for Personal Comfort must be booked.

Qantas supplied oxygen cylinders must be booked at least 5 days in advance of the flight, except for flights to or from the USA where oxygen can be requested up to 72 hours before the flight.

Contact the Specific Needs Team:

For further information on the use of medical oxygen on Qantas, services refer to Oxygen CylindersOpens in a new tab or window.

Charges for Oxygen Cylinders

Please contact the Specific Needs team to see if an additional seat is required to accommodate your customer’s oxygen cylinders. If an additional seat is not required, there is no charge when a customer supplies their own oxygen.

The following fees apply for Qantas supplied oxygen:

  • A$110 (including GST) per cylinder on Australian domestic flights.
  • A$100 per cylinder on international flights.
  • A$110 (including GST) per cylinder for Australian domestic flights that connect to or from an international flight.

Payment can be made by credit card or EMD. Call the Specific Needs Team on 1800 177 474 (within Australia) or +61 2 9123 7471 (from outside of Australia)  to advise payment details.