Refund - Key Definitions

Agency Credit Memo (ACM)

Application for an ACM may include a request for Qantas to adjust Commission if processed incorrectly via BSP only. To request a commission adjustment, an ACM request must be submitted via BSPlink, providing full details of the adjustment.

Agency Debit Memo (ADM)

An ADM is raised via BSP Link for the A$20 refund calculation service which is available to Australian and New Zealand agents only.

Adjustment Refund (fare/tax)

A Refund required due to overpaid fare/tax as a result of an error at the time of ticket issue/Reissue or when a Refund is required after a ticket is reissued to a lower value with a Residual value Refund.

BSPlink Manual Refund

BSPlink Manual Refunds are submitted by the agent via BSP when the Refund cannot be processed via the GDS as a GDS Automated Refund.


A Refund requested for compassionate reasons. A waiver of cancellation fees is permitted due to the death or grave illness of a passenger and must be validated by:

Grave Illness:  A Medical Certificate
Death: A Death Certificate

Commission Recall

Tickets submitted for refund via your GDS or BSPlink are subject to commission recall.  Commission will be recalled via ADM if you do not include it in your GDS refund process.  International fares issued in-conjunction with domestic travel as an add-on or through fare are subject to 100% commission recall if the international portion is refunded and only domestic utilised.

Duplicate ticket

A Refund of a Duplicate Ticket may occur for ticketing errors when more than one Qantas ticket is issued for the same journey and for the same customer, by the same IATA location. Submit Refund with a copy of the e-ticket evidence to support the claim.

Duplicate scenarios  
Same itinerary/same fare/same dates Full Refund of one ticket
Same itinerary/different fare  Refund of lower fare less Change Fee 
Same itinerary/different fare/ different dates  Refund of lower fares less Change Fee
Same itinerary/same fare/ different dates  Refund of lower fare less Change Fee 
Re-Issue scenarios  
New ticket issued instead of Reissue   
- Fare Upgraded  Refund original ticket less Change Fee 
- Amended travel dates  Refund original ticket charge Change Fee

Downgrade – Involuntary/Voluntary

A Downgrade Refund is required when the customer travelled in a lower class than the class ticketed. 

All customers affected by Qantas operational changes resulting in an Involuntary Downgrade of the class and cabin of travel on a Qantas flight are eligible for a Fare Adjustment refund. Please refer to the Involuntary Downgrade policy for further information. 

If the downgrade was on another airline flight, the original boarding pass must be provided.


Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is the electronic industry standard method for documenting all airline related charges.

Expired Ticket

Qantas tickets expire at 12 months from date of issue. At 13 months after the date of issue, the ticket is no longer eligible for Refund of the Fare and/or Ticket Taxes.

Mismatched Refund

When more than one ticket is issued for the same journey and some of the coupons on both tickets are ‘Flown’. This can occur when your customer has two Qantas (081) tickets and the airport uplift the passenger on the incorrect ticket.

Prime Issue

Means first (original) ticket issued in a sequence.

Qantas Agency Connect Authority

An authority number is provided by Qantas Agency Connect to refund a ticket (or portions of a ticket) that is not ordinarily refundable. This Authority Number must be added to the ‘Reason for Refund’ field on the Refund Application in BSPlink. Exception: not required for Compassionate/Duplicate Refund where supporting documentation is provided or for an Involuntary Downgrade/Schedule Change.

Refusal of Visa

Full refund is permitted in case of refusal of a travel document to the passenger/accompanying passenger as evidenced by written advice from the appropriate Government Authority.

A ‘travel not authorised’ response from visa waiver programs such as ESTA (USA) and eTA (Canada) does not constitute a visa refusal.


Refers to all circumstances where an existing QF (081) ticket number is being changed into another QF (081) ticket number.

Schedule Change

A Refund for Schedule Change may apply due to significant operational changes where Qantas is unable to provide the service or reasonable alternative to the flight that has already been ticketed and the customer requests a Refund. The Refund Application must:

  • Include proof of the cancellation/schedule change 
  • Be requested for the original ticket and not for a ticket that has been reissued to reflect the schedule change

Ticket Taxes

All taxes, fees, levies and charges payable by the purchaser of an airline ticket, including amounts imposed by airports and taxing authorities and airline imposed charges such as fuel, insurance, and environmental surcharges, regardless of whether a fare is payable for the ticket.

Void Ticket

Tickets paid for by cash or credit card may be voided on the same calendar day the ticket was issued. Any tickets that are not voided on the same calendar day will need to be submitted for refund less any applicable cancellation fee.