Automatic Waitlist Clearance

The automatic waitlist clearance (AWC) process reviews and confirms waitlisted passengers on Qantas operated and marketed flights as space becomes available.

General Information

Eligibility for Automatic Waitlist Clearance

The AWC considers your customer’s eligibility based on a range of factors including:

Your Customer:

  • Qantas Frequent Flyer and oneworld Frequent Flyer status
  • Chairman's Lounge and/or Qantas Club membership
  • Travel with confirmed passengers when a Total Complete Party (TCP) is in the booking

Your Customer's Flight:

  • A waitlisted flight in an otherwise complete itinerary
  • A waitlisted flight connecting to a confirmed Qantas flight
  • Date of travel and length of time the flight has been on waitlist
  • Booking class

The following factors prevent your customer from being considered for AWC:

  • Previous no-show
  • Confirmed higher booking class in cabin on the same flight and date
  • Connecting flights that do not meet the minimum connection time (MCT)
  • Waitlists held for more than 21 days
  • Frequent Flyer redemption bookings

When does the Automatic Waitlist Clearance Process Close?

Domestic Flights

  • 8 hours prior to departure.

International Flights

  • 24 hours prior to departure from each board point.

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Married Flights and Automatic Waitlist Clearance

If your customer needs to make a change to a connecting married flight and the required flight is not available, rebooking both flights between your customer’s origin and destination will give you the best chance of the waitlisted flight being confirmed by the AWC.

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