Commercial and Reward bookings policy for customer impact by Dubai disruption

Commercial Policy|Published 19 April 2024

The following commercial policy is available to customers holding a valid 081 ticket issued on/prior to 16 April 2024 for travel to/from Dubai on QF*/EK (Qantas codeshare flights operated Emirates) flights scheduled between 16 April - 21 April 2024

For customers holding a Qantas (081) Issued Ticket

Customer options:

Option Permitted actions Ticket Reissue Conditions
1. Rebook
  • Rebook to another Qantas flights operated by Emirates flight within +/- 15 days.
  • If the same booking class is not available, the lowest booking class within the same cabin may be booked.
  • Where a cabin is no longer available, customers can be accommodated / rebooked on the next available Qantas flight operated by Emirate in a lower cabin and offered a partial refund if applicable.

If customers are booked on Qantas flights operated by Emirates for the entire origin/destination;

  • Rebook the same origin and destination as the original booking using Qantas operated flights and oneworld airlines. The journey must include at least one international flight operated by Qantas.
  • Travel date must be the same as the original booking.
  • The lowest booking class within the same cabin may be booked on both Qantas flights and connecting Oneworld airlines flights.


  • Reissue with authority 664553 in endorsement box
  • Change fee does not apply.
  • Additional fare/taxes do not apply.
  • All details of the original ticket including fare basis and fare calculation to be shown on the new ticket.
2. Credit
  • Retain the value of the ticket in credit.
  • New travel dates must be within ticket validity.
  • Reissue with authority 664553 in endorsement box
  • Change fee does not apply.
  • Additional fare/taxes do apply.
  • If the new fare is of a higher value than the existing ticketed fare, the fare difference is payable by the customer. Applicable ticket surcharges, fees and taxes may apply.
3. Refund
  • If the above alternative options are not suitable, customers are entitled to a refund.
  • Customers who have commenced their journey are entitled to a refund of the impacted sector/s.
  • Refund Applications can be submitted via BSP Link or ARC with reference to the Authority number 664553 to waive any refund fees
  • Refund fee does not apply
  • To request a refund, return the ticket to the original point of purchase

Commercial Policy Conditions

  • Flights no longer required must be cancelled prior to scheduled departure.
  • All Qantas flight changes need to be actioned (reissued or revalidated) prior to travel
  • Qantas will not be responsible for paying any other costs or expenses such as hotel or other ground operator fees arising due to events  beyond our control, unless required by applicable laws.
  • All other rules and conditions of the ticket remain unchanged.
  • Once a ticket has been reissued using this authority, subsequent changes are subject to fare rules and conditions (unless covered by this or another commercial policy).

For customers with unticketed bookings:

For unticketed bookings, alternate flights/routings can be rebooked subject to availability and tickets issued in accordance with fare conditions.

For customers with a Qantas Points Plus Pay bookings:

Qantas Points Plus Pay Bookings are entitled to the same options and conditions as listed above.

For customers on Qantas Frequent Flyer Classic Reward Tickets:

Qantas Classic Flight Reward tickets cannot be retained in credit. They can be changed or refunded. This must be done via Contact Centres.