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What is Qantas Agency Connect?

Qantas Agency Connect is a dedicated online portal which provides Travel Agents with the tools to self-service their customers' bookings anytime. 

You can view our Site Map here.

Policy and Guidelines

Need guidance on how to service your customer's booking? We have collated the most helpful policies to assist you in this process. 

Schedule Change and Disruption Handling Guide

If your customer has been affected by a schedule change or disruption, this guide will assist you to communicate the right information to your customer. 

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International Ticket Reissue Policy

Reassessment and reissue of all Qantas (081) International tickets for Qantas fares in all cabins and booking classes at the time of reissue.

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Qantas (081) Refund Policy

This policy outline the circumstances under which Qantas will issue a refund for a Qantas Ticket.

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If a service request cannot be actioned online, please call the Qantas Agency Connect team for assistance. 


View Frequently Asked Questions:

General FAQs

Relating to ticketing, use of the site, functionality and policies. 

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International FAQs

Relating to requirements for travelling overseas.

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Qantas Agency Connect FAQs

Relating to how to get your agency started with Qantas Agency Connect.

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Privacy and Security

This Privacy Policy explains how Qantas generally handles your personal information.

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Learning Hub FAQs

Relating to the use of the Learning Hub and troubleshooting.

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Website Support

Contact us

Qantas Department Contact Operating Hours
Qantas Contact Centres 

For our overseas offices refer to Qantas ContactsOpens in a new tab or window

24hrs – 7 days a week 
Qantas Agency Connect - Brazil

0800 883 0095 (national toll free)

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Monday - Friday
0900 - 1700 PST
Qantas Agency Connect - Chile

0800 004 321 (national toll free)

Option 1

Monday - Friday
0900 - 1700 PST
Qantas Agency Connect - Papua New Guinea Phone: +675 7411 1066
Monday to Friday
0830 - 1700 local time
Qantas Agency Connect - South America

Monday - Friday
0900 -1700 PST
Qantas Group Travel - South America Phone: +56 229402338
Monday - Friday
0900 - 1700 PST
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Customer Specific Needs Team

For medical clearance requirements submit Qantas Group Medical Travel Clearance FormOpens in a new tab or window online

Customer Care Submit a Customer Care FormOpens in a new tab or window on behalf of your customer