Enhanced schedule change functionality

The Qantas Distribution Platform has enhanced functionality to improve your servicing experience when managing customer bookings affected by a schedule change. 

The enhanced servicing feature delivers you automated and flexible servicing options in the event a schedule change requires a customer’s ticket to be either re-issued or revalidated. Your customer will also have the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether to accept the schedule change or re-shop for a new itinerary. 

What is a Schedule Change?

A schedule change is an involuntary change to a Qantas flight outside 72 hours prior to flight departure. Please refer to the Qantas Schedule Change and Disruption Handling Guide for further information. 

What happens if my customer’s booking is affected by a schedule change?

Immediately after a schedule change has occurred, you will receive a UN/TK or TK status notification in your Technology Partner queue. You are then required to contact your customer to advise of the schedule change, update the booking and arrange for the ticket to be updated if it has not been revalidated by the Qantas Automatic Ticket Revalidation process. Please refer to the Qantas Schedule Change Policy for further information. 

What if my customer does not accept the schedule change and wants to change their booking?

You can make a change your customer’s booking, affected by a schedule change, with the Qantas Distribution Platform recognising the schedule change and automatically repricing your customer’s impacted flight, removing any change fee or additional collection that may apply. This allows you to then review the new flight details with your customer and re-issue your customer’s ticket. These changes must be in accordance with the guidelines of the Qantas Schedule Change Policy

Do I need a waiver code to service a schedule change on a Qantas Distribution Platform booking?

Qantas has made the requirement for a waiver code optional, but some Technology Partners still require a waiver code to be entered. If a waiver code is required, obtain an applicable waiver code issued by Qantas and enter it through the Qantas Distribution Platform. You can then make changes to your customer's booking affected by a schedule change. If a waiver code is not required by your Technology Partner, you can make changes to your customer’s booking affected by a schedule change without a waiver code. These changes must be in accordance with the guidelines of the Qantas Schedule Change Policy. Any applicable change fee will be waived.

Accessing the enhanced schedule change functionality is dependent on the capability of your Certified Technology Partner. Please check with your Technology Partner to find out when this functionality will be available for servicing bookings via the Qantas Distribution Platform.

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Important Information

Enhanced schedule change functionality in the Qantas Distribution Platform is only accessible to Travel Agents that are participating in the Qantas Channel and are connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform via an Certified Technology Partner. Subject to Technology Partner capability and readiness.