Commercial Policy and Waiver Management

The Qantas Distribution Platform has functionality that enables you to seamlessly service customer bookings when a Qantas Commercial Policy is issued.  

This latest servicing feature allows you to amend and manage your existing customer bookings by entering the waiver code issued on a Qantas Commercial Policy through the Qantas Distribution Platform.

How do I service my customer's booking when a Commercial Policy has been issued?

When a Qantas Commercial Policy has been issued, you must continue to obtain the applicable Commercial Policy waiver code issued by Qantas on Qantas Agency Connect. You should then enter the waiver code in the re-shopping request when changing a customer's itinerary. All changes must be in accordance with the guidelines of the Commercial Policy. The Qantas Distribution Platform will reprice the new flight that is selected by your customer and automatically waive any applicable change fee. You will no longer be required to manually remove this change fee. Any additional fare and/or taxes that may apply will still need to be paid at time of ticketing.

When will I be notified if a Commercial Policy has been issued by Qantas?

Subscribe to our communications to be notified of new and updated Commercial Policies. Alternatively you can visit Qantas Agency Connect’s Commercial Policies Library or search for earlier policies via Agency News by selecting the Commercial Policy category and required date range.

Accessing the Commercial Policy and Waiver Management functionality is dependent on the capability of your Certified Technology Partner. Please check with your Technology Partner to find out when this functionality will be available for servicing bookings via the Qantas Distribution Platform. 

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Important Information

Commercial Policy and Waiver Management functionality in the Qantas Distribution Platform is only accessible to Travel Agents that are participating in the Qantas Channel and are connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform via an Certified Technology Partner. Subject to Technology Partner capability and readiness.