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Compare Qantas NDC & EDIFACT capabilities

The Qantas Distribution Platform Capability Listing tool or glossary is to help you understand the different types of capabilities available via the Qantas Distribution Platform and displays a comparative listing to EDIFACT distribution. 

Updated from time-to-time, the latest versions of the Capability Listing tool and glossary are available at the bottom of the page for you to download. They display the same capabilities listed below.

Capability Listing


Definition Key
Available capability Yes
Superior to EDIFACT^ Yes+

^These capabilities include automation and/or other benefits that were not previously available via EDIFACT distribution

Updated: 30 November 2023


    If a capability is listed as available via the Qantas Distribution Platform, your Travel Agency Manager will need to speak with your Technology Partner to find out when this capability will be available for your travel agency accessing Qantas Distribution Platform content.

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