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Certified Technology Partners

Certified Technology Partners are technology providers that deliver Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers for your agency to access.

Integral to the enablement of New Distribution Capability (NDC), Certified Technology Partners provide the opportunity to harness Qantas’ advanced retailing technology for your agency and our mutual customers.

Within each Technology Partner profile, you can access relevant information, contact details and user demonstrations to support your Technology Partner connection pathway in accessing Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers.

Explore the range of Certified Technology Partners integrated with the Qantas Distribution Platform.

Receiving support for your customer's NDC booking

If you need support for your customer's NDC booking or have a technical issue, your Technology Partner must be the first point of contact. As Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers are made available via your Technology Partner's system, they are best placed to understand, identify, and triage the support request.

  • Please click on each Certified Technology Partner's logo above for their contact details and general information page.

When submitting a request to your Technology Partner, please provide as much detail as possible. At a minimum, this should include the Order ID or PNR along with a detailed description of the support being requested.

Once you have submitted your support request, the following scenarios may take place with your Technology Partner:

Support request resolved

Your Technology Partner will identify the issue and notify you when the support request has been resolved.

Unsupported Qantas Distribution Platform servicing feature

If your Technology Partner does not currently support a specific servicing feature, they should inform you. You will then be directed to review the Qantas Distribution Platform Servicing Guide and follow the relevant process provided for that feature.


Technology Partner system is not working as expected

If your Technology Partner's system experiences difficulties, such as a system outage, they should inform you of the issue, an expected timeline and notify you once resolved.

Qantas Distribution Platform Technical incident identified

Your Technology Partner will report the incident to Qantas, and Qantas will work with your Technology Partner to resolve the incident. Your Technology Partner should notify you on the status of the technical incident, timeline and when it has been resolved.

If you have an issue that is preventing you from servicing a Qantas NDC booking and your customer's travel plans are within 1 business day, please contact Qantas Agency Connect for further support, providing the Order ID or PNR and an overview of the issue and actions you have already taken. Please visit  Help and Support for further information on using Qantas Agency Connect.

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