Qantas Channel Fee Policy Document

Qantas has a AUD$17.50 per segment Channel Fee on bookings made by agents who do not participate in the Qantas Channel.

The Channel Fee is applicable on a per Qantas marketed flight segment basis on all tickets issued globally on or after 1 August 2019, irrespective of validating carrier, subject to applicable laws and government and regulatory approvals. 

The Channel Fee is automatically priced and collected through a YR fee at the time of ticket issue at the below amounts based on the Point of Sale. Currency conversion will be done as per standard rules.

Point of Sale Currency Used Value Applied on Point of Sale
Australia Australian Dollar (AUD) AUD 17.50
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar (NZD) NZD 18.50
United Kingdom Pound Sterling (GBP) GBP 9.50
Hong Kong SAR (China) Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) HKD 100
South Africa South African Rand (ZAR) ZAR 170
Singapore Singapore Dollar (SGD) SGD 17.00
Japan Japanese Yen (JPY) JPY 1370
Europe (EU Member Countries) Euro (EUR) EUR 11.00
Canada Canadian Dollar (CAD) CAD 16.50
United States of America US Dollar (USD) USD 12.50
People's Republic of China Chinese Yuan (CNY) CNY 85.00
Other Points of Sale United States Dollar (USD) USD 12.50

Important Information

Disclaimer: **Exclusive of Australian GST where applicable for Australian domestic itineraries sold in Australia.

Disclaimer: #Channel Fee does not apply to point of sale:
• China for journeys originating in China and Hong Kong SAR (China).
• Hong Kong SAR (China) for journeys originating in Hong Kong SAR (China) and China.

Qantas reserves the right to review the terms, conditions, amount and associated foreign exchange rates of the Channel Fee from time to time, which may result in changes to the Channel Fee value. Qantas will provide notice of any such changes on the Qantas Agency Connect website:

Application of the Channel Fee

The Channel Fee is applicable to all itineraries that are booked and/or ticketed by an agent that is not a Qantas Channel participant. Any agent that wishes to avoid the Channel Fee must opt-in to the Qantas Channel (irrespective of whether the agent uses a consolidator to issue tickets on Qantas flights).

The Channel Fee is applicable:

  1. Per Qantas flight segment on Qantas marketed flights. (For the avoidance of doubt, a Qantas marketed flight is any flight with a Qantas ‘QF’ flight number)
  2. For each booking ticketed on or after 1 August 2019
  3. For each booking ticketed prior to 1 August 2019 that is reissued on or after 1 August 2019, except if the ticket is reissued due to an involuntary disruption or schedule change
  4. Irrespective of the ticket stock used and/or validating carrier
  5. At the time of ticketing regardless of fare type, booking class or cabin
  6. To all passenger types (adult and child) excluding infants without a seat

Channel Fee Application Exceptions

The Channel Fee does not apply to:

  • Tickets that are issued through Qantas direct booking channels
  • Tickets that are issued using the Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP)
  • Group bookings that are quoted, booked and ticketed within the Qantas Groups Travel website
  • Bookings made by a travel agent where the booking agent and ticketing agent is a Qantas Channel participant
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Documents or any other airline miscellaneous document.

Important Information

Disclaimer: ^Qantas Direct Booking channels include: (including mobile applications), Qantas airport, Qantas Contact Centres, and Qantas General Sales Agents.

Disclaimer: ^^ For regions where the Qantas Group Travel Website is not available, Group bookings will continue to be made by an agent’s local Qantas Office and will be available for the Agency to claim.  If a Group booking is claimed and ticketed by an agent that is not a Qantas Channel participant then the Channel Fee will apply. 

Pricing, Ticketing and Collection

  • The Channel Fee is displayed/quoted automatically at the time of pricing and is collected at the time of ticketing at the relevant level
  • The Channel Fee is based on the channel fee applicable at the time of ticketing irrespective of when the original booking was made
  • The Channel Fee is part of the total amount of the ticket and is displayed in the Ticket Tax box as per any other taxes, fees, levies and charges payable
  • Accounting, invoicing and BSP processes are identical to all other taxes shown on the ticket
  • No discounts or reductions will be applied to the Channel Fee

Channel Fee Refunds

The Channel Fee is fully refundable on any unused Qantas marketed flight segments or completely unused tickets, regardless of whether the fare is refundable. Please refer to the Qantas Refund Policy for further information about applying for a refund.

The Channel Fee cannot be refunded in cases where a passenger is uplifted on another airline as a result of an involuntary disruption (provided the alternative flight on another airline is accepted by or on behalf of the passenger).  If the alternative flight is not accepted by the passenger, Qantas will provide a full refund of the ticket, including the Channel Fee, where required.  Please refer to our Schedule Change and Disruption Policy for further information.

GDS Bookings

All questions regarding how the Channel Fee will be appear from your GDS/distribution technology partner should be referred to your GDS/distribution technology partner account manager.