Digital enhancements for a seamless journey

Digital Check-in

Qantas is making your customer’s journey even more comfortable and convenient, with the introduction of additional functionality within the Qantas App and web check-in process on the Qantas website.

Next generation of airport kiosk

We’re making the airport experience faster and easier for your customers travelling on Australia domestic flights thanks to our next generation airport kiosks.  

With most of your customers checking in online and using their digital boarding passes from the Qantas app or website, the kiosks will primarily be used for bag tag printing. Customers will also be able to purchase additional baggage through the kiosks.     

If your customer hasn’t checked in prior to arriving at the airport, they’ll be able to use QR codes on the kiosks to quickly check-in and receive a digital boarding pass. Our customer service agents will be available to help them check-in if they don’t have a smartphone, they’re part of a group booking or have excess or oversized baggage.  

The new technology is up to four times quicker than the existing kiosks, with the process to print a bag tag now taking just 20 seconds on average, helping your customers move through the airport processes more quickly and efficiently. 

Watch how seamless printing a bag tag is thanks to our next generation airport kiosks. 

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Australian domestic on departure upgrade

Use Qantas Points for a last-minute upgrade after check-in.

Eligible Frequent Flyer passengers (Platinum One, Platinum, Gold, Qantas Club and Points Club Plus members with a paid and confirmed ticket) can now request a last-minute upgrade from Economy to Business on departure for Australian domestic flights via the Qantas App, using their Qantas Points. Requests can be made after check-in from 3 hours before departure until boarding commences on their flight, and is available for single, one-way flights only.   

Eligible travellers will see a ‘Request Upgrade’ button within their Qantas App if seats are available. If the request for the last-minute upgrade is successful, the total Qantas Points required will be deducted from the logged in customer’s account. All passengers on the booking will be upgraded. 

Upgraded passengers can enjoy additional baggage if they have not already dropped their luggage, however dietary requirements may not be catered for in the upgraded class.  

Classic Upgrade Rewards can now also be requested from the Qantas App. Learn more hereOpens in a new tab or window.

See terms and conditions hereOpens in a new tab or window.

Seamless flight changes

Added functionality within the Qantas App and online to assist your customers with changing their flights.

We know things don’t always go to plan, so we’ve introduced additional functionality within the Qantas App and online to help your customers change their flight when needed.

Flying earlier with disrupted flights

Passengers travelling on domestic flights whose travel plans have been disrupted can now view earlier flights to avoid their journey being impacted.  

Eligible customers and any accompanying passengers in their booking will be able to request to ‘Fly Earlier’ when their flight has been disrupted and they are checking in online or in the Qantas App on their day of travel, giving your customers more control over their journey. 

Change of plans?

We’ve introduced the ability for eligible travellers to change their domestic flight to an earlier or later service on the day of travel.  

Your customers, if eligible, will be presented with a “change your flight?” prompt and a list of earlier or later alternative flights which they can select free of charge. The option will appear 3 hours of scheduled departure.

Disclaimer: *Eligible customers include travellers with a Flex Fare ticket, Platinum One and Chairmans Lounge Frequent Flyers.

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Sydney airport transfer

Qantas Australian domestic to all international flights with through checked baggage

Customers should present at Gate 15 for airside transfer to the International Terminal. On arrival, customers can proceed to Immigration & Customs.

Australian domestic to international without through checked luggage

Customers should collect their luggage from their domestic flight and proceed to the arrivals area where a complimentary transfer bus operated by Sydney Airport is available. Customers should look for the Orange TBus at the curb side bus stop on the arrivals level. 

All international to Qantas Australian domestic flights

Customers should collect their luggage on arrival at Sydney International terminal and proceed to the Qantas Domestic Transfer area. Baggage will be rechecked, and customers will proceed to the domestic terminal on our airside buses.

Customers with specific needs

Customers requiring assistance transferring between terminals will be assisted in either direction on the airside bus by Qantas staff. 

Adding in Qantas Frequent Flyer details

Your customers will be prompted to add their Qantas Frequent Flyer details.  

To ensure your Qantas Frequent Flyer customers never miss out on their Qantas Points or Status Credits, we’ve introduced additional functionality within the Qantas App to automatically detect a trip that does not contain the customer’s QFF number, and prompt them to add it.    

The customer must already be logged into the Qantas App for them to be prompted to add their QFF when adding their trip.   

This new functionality means eligible customers can avoid submitting missing points and status credits requests. 

See the Qantas Frequent Flyer terms and conditions hereOpens in a new tab or window.