How to Read a Route Map

A route map is a follow on entry from a fare display that gives permitted routing and carrier options.


Route maps should always be read in conjunction with the flight application paragraph of the fare and apply in either direction.

A choice of airlines may be shown between cities but at times these may not operate to some of the destinations. The route map isn't a guarantee that all airlines operate that sector - it only gives permitted options.

How to Read a Route Map

Displaying a Route Map

General Information

Symbol Definitions



 Definition  Example
/    When two or more cities are separated by ‘/ ’, this means ‘or’. Only one of these cities may be used as a transfer/stopover or origin/destination point
PER - SYD/MEL/BNE - HKG Your customer can travel from PER to HKG via either SYD, MEL or BNE. Only one of these intermediate cities can be selected as the via point.
- When two cities are separated by the ‘-‘, this means ‘to’. Both cities may be used as transfer/stopover points or omitted from your customer's itinerary. The cities must be flown in order and by the airline shown in the route map.
SYD - QF - PER - QF – SIN Your customer can travel on Qantas either direct from SYD to SIN or via PER


  • Any one or more transfer/stopover points may be omitted and non-stop services of the airline shown in the route map substituted across the points in between.
  • Surface travel is permitted between any two points, excluding origin and destination points, that are separated by a ' - '. If there is no valid airline between two cities, the route map will state 'surface required'. Your customer will need to surface if these cities are part of their itinerary.

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Eligible Airlines

Travel is limited to the airlines indicated. If the route map does not indicate an airline, the default airline is Qantas (QF) when displaying a QF fare.

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Displaying a Route Map


Step 1. Request a fare display
Step 2. Select the route map for the line number of the fare required.

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Entry Formats

Please refer to your Technology Partner for any additional information regarding requests via the Qantas Distribution Platform.   

Alternatively, please use the example entry formats below to display a route map: 

Amadeus FQR3
Sabre RD3*RTG
Travelport - Galileo FR*3
Travelport - Worldspan 4FR3