Codeshare Flight Information

A codeshare agreement is a commercial arrangement between two airlines where the marketing airline puts its two-letter airline code on the operating airline’s flight. This allows greater access to cities through a given airline's network and offers the customer a seamless travel experience. Qantas has codeshare arrangements with many different airlines globally.


In an availability display, a codeshare flight shows the marketing airline’s flight number and advises which airline operates the flight:

1EK: QF8415    F4  A4  J7  C7  D7  RL  TL  /   SYD 1    DXB 3      0600        1410     E0/388         14:10
                           Y9  B9  H9  K9 M9 L9                                                 
                           OPERATED BY EMIRATES                                               

When a codeshare flight is booked, the marketing airline’s flight number is displayed with the operating airline’s flight number below, showing the booking class that flight is booked in the operating airline’s booking:

1        QF8415    K    12SEP    2    SYDDXB    HK1                                           1  0600 1410   388 E 0 M
          OPERATED    BY     EK415  M                                       
          SEE RTSVC                                                                                           

Booking Requirements

  1. As an agent making a booking on behalf of a passenger, you are obligated to advise them if a ‘QF’ flight is operated by another airline.
  2. Traffic restrictions must be verified carefully when booking a codeshare flight as restrictions may apply for different routes and points of sale:

Example 1:
An Indian domestic QF flight operated by IndiGo (6E) can only be booked in conjunction with a QF operated international flight to/from Australia e.g. QF 67 SYD-BLR. It cannot be booked for a sole domestic itinerary or for an itinerary which does not include a flight to or from Australia.

1       QF5119   Y   12MAY   5   BLRMAA   HK1                                                      1  0720 0815   320 E 0 M
         ADV   PAX   WWW.SMARTRAVELLER.GOV.AU                          
         OPERATED    BY    6E6269 A                                      
         SEE RTSVC - TRAFFIC RESTRICTION EXISTS                     
        QF5119    Y    BLRMAA             320 M                                                                0          

Example 2:
Qantas or its codeshare partners may also dictate specific rules on how codeshare flights may be sold. An Australian domestic QF flight operated by Jetstar (JQ) can only be booked with a QF international flight - connecting or stopover traffic. It cannot be booked for an entirely domestic itinerary.

1       QF5786   Y   12SEP   2   SYDMCY   HK1                                                           2  1005 1140   320 E 0 G
         OPERATED   BY   JQ786   B                                       
         SEE RTSVC - TRAFFIC RESTRICTION EXISTS                    
      QF5786    Y    SYDMCY             320 G                                                                0         

3.   Some fares restrict the use of codeshare flights. This information can be checked in the Fare Application paragraph of a fare rule.

4.   When booking a codeshare flight, the operating airline’s rules apply to meals, seating, and specific needs requirements.

5.    Unaccompanied minors (UMNRs) and customers travelling with a stretcher should always be booked under the operating airline's flight number. Check with the operating airline if your customer has any specific requirements.

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Agent Issued Itinerary & Receipt Requirements

A customer’s ticket and itinerary must always show which airline operates the flight. This is a requirement of many regulatory authorities worldwide (including the United States Department of Transport (USDOT) and the Indian Bureau of Civil Aviation Security). Fines may apply to agents not disclosing this information.

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Check in for codeshare flights is always with the operating airline.

Make sure your customer travels with a copy of their e-ticket that clearly shows the operating airline.  Some airports need to view the ticket or itinerary showing the name of the operating airline before access to the airport terminal is granted to a passenger (e.g. most Indian airports).

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Further Information

To find out more, including seat selection, in-flight service, special meal requests, baggage and through check, visit Airline Partners and select the relevant codeshare partner.

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