Standard Agency Terms and Conditions

Latest News|Published 3 September 2020

Qantas has made some important changes to our Standard Agency Terms and Conditions (Terms). If your business markets, sells, facilitates or tickets a booking on Qantas, these terms apply to you. Please take time to read through these terms. 

Key changes effective from 1 September 2020:

View our complete Standard Agency Terms and Conditions here

  • A Booking must be created and ticketed within the same POS (clause 5.1).
  • For Bookings created within POS Australia, POS New Zealand or POS United States of America, the Agent must conduct the Servicing of these Bookings within the POS that they were created (clause 5.3).
  • Any practice that changes the POS ID of a PNR in the GDS is now specifically prohibited (clause 4.1(e)).
  • Unless otherwise approved by Qantas, Agents must ensure that Qantas Special Fares are ticketed by the PCC owner to which the Qantas Special Fare was loaded (clause 4.2 (c)).
  • Agents must link their booking PCC with their ticketing IATA and/or TIDS, so that both are visible in the PNR (clause 4.1(d)).


  • Qantas has clarified our right to take over Servicing and responsibility of a booking (without prior permission) where an agent defaults or ceases operating (clause 5.2).
  • Qantas has clarified obligations in relation to the correct representation of Agent imposed fees, distinct from Qantas imposed fees (clause 3.1(d)).

Reissue and Refunds

  • Unless prior approval is sought by Qantas, Agents must only reissue or refund a ticket back to the original ticketing IATA Number or an IATA Number that belongs to the Agent. Reissue or refund back to a different IATA Number is audited by Qantas and may result in an Agent Debit Memo (ADM) being raised (clause 6.5).

Ticketing Authority

  • Qantas has highlighted our right to remove Ticketing Authority from any Agent for prolonged inactivity, for certain breaches of our Standard Agency Terms and Conditions, and where it is deemed the Agent is no longer utilising Qantas Ticketing (clause 2.4 (a) – (c)).
  • Qantas reserves the right to conduct a third party credit assessment on any Agent for whom we have granted Ticketing rights. The Agent is obligated to comply with the request, or risk having Booking and Ticketing rights suspended (clause 2.5).