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Qantas acknowledges that customers expectations are evolving at a rapid rate - customers need to feel valued, recognised and to have relevant travel options offered to them via their channel of choice. To meet such demands Qantas introduced the Qantas Channel, a framework agreed with a number of our GDS partners that enables Qantas to deliver the content benefits of the Qantas Distribution Platform to our agents and mutual customers. 

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What is the Qantas Channel agreement?

The Qantas Channel is a commercial agreement between Qantas and an agency that allows access to certain ATPCO content and content available via the Qantas Distribution Platform. Only those agencies that have registered and have been accepted into the Qantas Channel will be eligible to access dynamic and personalised offers created by the Qantas Distribution Platform as they become available. 

Benefits of the Qantas Channel

Eligible to receive Qantas Distribution Platform content

Access to new content and offers from the Qantas Distribution Platform through Certified Technology Partners, subject to such Certified Technology Partners being able to consume such content.

Access to a wide range of public and private fares

Access to a wide range of ATPCO published and private fares^ via their Certified Technology Partner.

No channel fees

Agencies who are participating in the Qantas Channel and are making bookings via an Certified Technology Partner will not be subject to a Channel Fee.

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How will Qantas Distribution Platform content benefit my agency?

Over time the Qantas Distribution Platform will deliver personalised offers to our customers that book  through agencies providing additional information at the point of sale.

Benefits of the Qantas Distribution Platform

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