Seat Selection Conditions

You can select your seat only on Qantas international flights QF1 - 199 and Qantas domestic flights QF400 - 1349 (excluding QantasLink services). On QantasLink services you can request a preference for an aisle or window seat.

Important Information

The following information applies to all seat selections, although note that requirements and additional conditions apply to the purchase of exit row seats.

1. Prices quoted are subject to change. Prices apply to all fare types for extra legroom seats, including exit row seats.

2. Seat selection is subject to the availability of requested seats.

3. Preferential seating zones exist for Platinum, Gold or Silver Frequent Flyers, equivalent oneworld members and any passenger travelling with those flyers in the same booking.

4. Seat with Bassinets can be purchased through your GDS/Technology Partner (if capability exists) or requested free of charge at check in and is subject to availability.

5. Passengers who wish to sit next to each other but have made separate bookings will need to request their seat independently. Qantas is not able to advise on the seat selection of passengers on other bookings.

6. At any time up to 3 hours prior to scheduled departure, provided you have not checked in for the flight, you may change your seat request as follows:

(a) move to another available seat of the same value within the same cabin. An adjustment may apply to the charge paid;

(b) move to an available seat of higher value within the same cabin (for example an Extra Legroom Seat) on payment of any price difference. You cannot pay for any price difference with Qantas Points;

(c) upgrade to a seat in a higher cabin, however, the amount paid or Qantas Points redeemed for seat selection will not be refunded.

7. If in accordance with your fare rules you elect to move to another flight or you fail to pay for your booking resulting in cancellation of your flight, any seat selection paid for is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another flight. Seat selection required for any new flight must be selected separately and no refund will be provided for any seat selection purchased for the previous flight.

8. Seat selection is not transferable to another passenger.

9. Seat selection is non-refundable unless:

(a) Qantas changes your seat for operational, safety or security reasons (even after boarding the aircraft), and we are unable to seat you in a suitable alternative.

(b) there is a flight disruption causing you to be moved to another flight and Qantas is unable to seat you in a suitable alternative on your new flight

(c) Qantas moves you to a flight not operated by Qantas

(d) Your fare is refunded (including where you are entitled to a refund under the Australian Consumer Law).

10. Seat selection is non-refundable if we have moved you to a seat in a higher cabin class for operational, safety or security reasons.

11. Seat selection refund conditions are independent of fare refund conditions.

12. If your seat is changed by Qantas for operational, safety or security reasons or you are affected by a flight disruption, you may apply for a refund after departure by completing the refund form. Refunds can only be requested after departure of the affected flight. Refund requests must be lodged at no later than 3 months after the affected flight.

13. In the event of an aircraft change, the same or a similar seat may be allocated. Passengers will not be contacted if this occurs before check-in but may check the position of the allocated seat online via Manage Booking.

14. Passengers will still be required to check-in before their flight departure. Select seats at check-in through Manage Booking or Your Bookings if you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer, or at the airport.

15. Passengers who have specific needs should call the Qantas Contact Centre directly so we can assist with the allocation of an appropriate seat.

16. Seat requests cannot be guaranteed as they may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.