Qantas Fares from the UK

Flying to Australia and beyond with Qantas has never been so easy

Allow your clients to fly out and back non-stop to Australia, using Perth as a stop-over or transit point or via Singapore on Qantas connecting to Qantas operating services using extensive network and stopover options. Alternatively, travel via Dubai with our partner, Emirates to connect to our extensive network.

Further to this, Qantas offers Round the World fares, making full use of our extensive joint network with our other airline partners.

Your clients will have the option to combine any of those fares with a great value domestic package. The Qantas Explorer allows your customer to experience more of Australia and New Zealand into one easy fare.

Additionally extend your trip to the South West Pacific islands with our great value addons.

Qantas Fares

Fares to Australia and New Zealand

  • Easy and simple to sell.
  • Offers fares to five Australian gateways and four in New Zealand.
  • Permits Qantas non-stop service from London to Perth, where Perth can be a stop-over or transit point within Australia.
  • Select from one of our Qantas operated flights from London Heathrow to Singapore/Perth/Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane. One intra-Asia sector with Jetstar (QF*3K/QF*JQ) is permitted each way allowing multiple stopover options in Asia.
  • Choose from international stopovers in each direction including Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Cape Town and many others.
  • Add the option of a further trip to Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti or the Cook Islands.
  • Alternatively, depart using one of our codeshare flights with Emirates from Glasgow, Edinburgh,Manchester, Newcastle or Birmingham via Dubai & vice versa.( Additional supplements, taxes and fuel surcharge may apply) .
  • UK domestic connections via Heathrow are available with our oneworld partner, British Airways
  • Carriers permitted:
    • BA (LHR-CPT/JNB & UK domestics only)
    • EK (UK-DXB v.v.. & DXB-Asia v.v.)
    • QF*3K/QF*JQ (SIN-BKK/KUL/SGN/DPS & HKT v..v.)
    • QF codeshares (specific routes/carriers only)

Example itineraries

LHR - QF - PER - QF - SIN - QF - LHR 

LHR - QF - SIN - QF - SYD - QF - BKK - QF*3K - SIN - QF - LHR 

LHR - QF- SIN - QF*3K - DPS - QF - MEL - QF - LHR 


  • QF*3K = Qantas & Jetstar codeshare route

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Round the World - Economy

  • This is your ultimate ticket to Australia and New Zealand. Fly with Qantas and our partners around the world with a choice of stopovers in the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.
  • Each fare level fare allows passengers to have an itinerary with up to 3 stopovers in each direction via Asia or Africa one direction, returning via North America or South America on route to Australia or New Zealand (or v.v).
  • For customers who wish to discover more of the world, our fares to the South West Pacific can be added to the Round the World fare to visit destinations including Fiji, Cook Islands and Tahiti.
  • Qantas also offer Round the World fares in our Premium Cabins available at higher fare levels.
  • UK domestic connections with British Airways via London Heathrow can be included.
  • Carriers permitted:
    • QF
    • BA (specific routes)
    • AA (specific routes)
    • IB (specific routes)
    • QF*LA (specific routes)
    • QF codeshares (specific routes/carriers only)
    • QF*3K/QF*JQ (SIN-BKK/KUL/SGN/DPS & HKT & vv via EH)

Example itinerary

LHR - QF - PER//BNE - QF - LAX - AA - NYC - BA - LHR

LHR - QF - SIN - QF*3K - DPS - QF - MEL - QF*LA - SCL - QF*LA - RIO - BA - LHR

MAN - BA - x/LHR - QF - SIN - QF*3K - BKK - QF - SYD -QF - AKL//CHC - QF - SYD - QF - HNL - AA - SFO - AA - x/LHR - BA - MAN


  • // = surface sector
  • QF*3K = Qantas & Jetstar codeshare route 
  • QF*CX = Qantas & Cathay Pacific codeshare route 
  • QF*LA = Qantas & Latam codeshare route 

For further information please refer to our FAQs.

Please refer to our route map guide for other routing options.

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Qantas Explorer

  • Offers customers unrivalled access to the Qantas Australian domestic network utilising both Qantas and Jetstar domestic services.
  • Can be combined with point to point fares to Australia/New Zealand or Round the World fares allowing customers to experience more of Australia and/or New Zealand.
  • The Qantas Explorer fare allow customers to purchase domestic sectors within Australia or New Zealand at a discounted rate.
  • Qantas Explorer fare is divided into two zones within Australia allowing customers to book a simple journey within a zone or an extended journey between zones.
  • New Zealand is classified as a single Zone 3.
  • There is no minimum number of sectors required to be purchased.
  • Qantas Explorer fares must be issued together with a Qantas international ticket from the United Kingdom to Australia or New Zealand.
  • Qantas operated flights booked with the Qantas Explorer zones include 30kg checked baggage, food & beverages.

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Fares to Sinagapore and beyond in Asia

  • Fly with Qantas on our award winning A380 non stop to Singapore, connecting to a range of destinations within Asia using Qantas codeshare partners.
  • UK domestic connections via Heathrow are available with our oneworld partner, British Airways or our other airline partners Aer Lingus and Flybe
  • Qantas operated flights and onward connections booked includes 30kg checked baggage
  • Carriers permitted:

    QF (LHR-SIN v.v)

  • Example itinerary

LHR - QF - SIN – QF*3K - DPS - QF*3K - SIN - QF – LHR


LHR - QF - SIN – QF*3K - SGN // BKK – QF*3K - SIN - QF – LHR

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Private and Nett Fares

Private Fare Faults

If you have a technical issue with a private fare (CAT35 or CAT25), eg fare not quoting in your GDS or Technology Partner, refer to our Private Fares Queries template for details of the information we need from you in order to investigate.

Then, e-mail to  the information to us for investigation.

All information indicated on the template must be provided.

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Nett Fare General Conditions

Nett Fare Conditions (PDF) apply when used in conjunction with Qantas UK and Ireland issued fares on a paper contract or in the GDS or Technology Partner.

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