Qantas Ticketing Authority

Introducing our revised ticketing authority application process

We have updated our process globally, for agents applying for Qantas ticketing authority, to ensure it is:

To apply for Qantas Ticketing Authority, download our Application Form complete it and submit with any supporting documentation to

If you are based in Germany, please also complete the Freischaltung BSP Link – Antrag form. Please note this form is not required for Agents based outside Germany. 


What has changed?

The new process is consistent

The new process will apply to all requests for ticketing authority, regardless of where the application is made, including: 

  • Ticketing authority applications made by an Agent that is new to Qantas;
  • Agents with existing Qantas ticketing authority who are requesting ticketing authority for an additional Point of Sale (POS); and
  • Agents requesting a reactivation of ticketing authority.

The new process is expedient

The new process will allow the bulk of applications to be processed and an outcome communicated back to the Agent within 7 business days. The application can be completed and signed electronically to take into account remote working arrangements. 

The new process reflects our focus on compliance with our Terms and Conditions

The application process now highlights our Terms and Conditions. If your business markets, sells, facilitates or tickets any booking on Qantas these Terms and Conditions apply to you. You can read through them here.

I want to apply for ticketing authority for a new Point of Sale. What do I do?

  1. Go to your local Qantas Agency Connect site;
  2. Download and complete the PDF form in person or electronically. At this stage if you’re requesting Ticketing Authority for multiple Point of Sale you will need to complete and submit one form for each Point of Sale and email these separately;
  3. Submit the completed form by emailing to;
  4. Qantas will process your application and return an outcome within 7 business days. 

I want to reactivate ticketing authority that I have previously held with Qantas. Do I need to complete this process?

Yes. Please take the following steps to reactivate Ticketing Authority: 

  1. Go to your local Qantas Agency Connect site;
  2. Download and complete the PDF form in person or electronically;
  3. Attach your reactivation notice from IATA or MyArc (on letterhead) confirming that your ability to ticket has been reinstated;
  4. Submit the completed form and IATA notice by emailing both documents to;
  5. Qantas will process your application and return an outcome within 7 business days. 

Please note the ‘reactivation’ pathway will only be available for Agents who have recently held ticketing authority for Qantas. 

Can I submit multiple ticketing authority applications via one form or in one scanned document?

No. In order to process your request each Point of Sale must be applied for separately. We hope to update to a dynamic form allowing multiple requests in the coming months. 

I can’t print and scan this document. How can I submit it?

Qantas will accept applications that have been completed and signed electronically.

What happens if my application is rejected?

Qantas’ Agency Compliance team will liaise with you directly if we have any questions relating to your application. 

Is the process the same for ARC?

Yes. This process also applies to Agents applying for ticketing authority in the United States. 

Are there any additional steps to this process?

An additional form must be completed by Agents in Germany confirming their relationship with the customer. This form must be completed with every ticketing authority request and is available on the Qantas Agency Connect Site. 

I have a question about this process. Who can I reach out to?

Please reach out via Qantas Agency Connect or your Qantas Account Manager for any questions.