Your Customer's Name

Before you make a booking for your customer, we recommend you check their name against their passport or other form of identification that they are travelling with to ensure it is correct.

Use this guide to ensure your customer’s name is added to their booking correctly.

General Information

Are Customer Titles Required?

You should always include a title in your customer’s name field. Refer to your Technology Partner connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform and other technology systems for permitted passenger titles.

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Are Middle Names Required?

Qantas does not require a middle name to be included when making a booking and issuing your customer's ticket. If other airlines are included in the booking, we recommend you check their policy.

If your customer’s itinerary includes the USA, it is mandatory for you to add Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) and Secure Flight Passenger Data to their booking before you can issue the ticket. The added name details must match the passport and include any middle names. Middle names are not required for ESTA applications.

For further information refer to Travel to the USA Requirements.

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Customers with a Qantas Frequent Flyer Profile

Qantas requires the name on your customer’s ticket to match their Frequent Flyer account. If there are any discrepancies between the name on their Frequent Flyer account and the name on the ticket, your customer will not receive Qantas Points or Status Credits through the automated process. Refer to Frequent FlyerOpens in a new tab or window for further information. 

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Customers with the Same Name

If your customers share the same first and last name, we recommend you add their middle name and an eligible Frequent Flyer number to the booking to avoid a duplicate booking warning.

Booking and Changing

How do I Book a Customer with a Single Name?

To book a customer with a single name or with multiple first names but no last name: 
  • For customers with only one name, use the single name as the last name and the first letter of the last name as the first name.
  • For customers with two or more first names but no last name, enter all first names as the last name and add the first letter of the first of the names as the first name OR enter the first of the first names as the last name so that the names appear in order on the ticket.

Example 1: Madonna would be entered as Madonna/M Ms

Example 2: DON JON RON would be entered as DONJONRON/D MR OR DON/JONRONMR

To book a customer with a single letter last name:
  • Double the letter of the last name
Example:  Mr G would be entered as GG/G Mr

Please refer to your GDS provider or Technology Partner for more information if required. 

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How do I Book a Customer with a Long Name?

The number of letters that can be included in the customer name field varies between different airlines and Technology Partners. Also, the maximum name length allowed on a ticket can be less than permitted via your Technology Partner. If this occurs, the name on the ticket is automatically abbreviated to the required number of letters. No further action is required by you. 

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