Consultant FAQs

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When does the new International Reissue Policy (IRP) come into effect?

The new International Reissue Policy applies to tickets issued on/after 20 January 2021.

Why is a new International Reissue Policy being released?

The new International Reissue Policy is being released to simplify the policy and allow full automation in your GDS and therefore quick and easy to process, reducing ADMs.

When is the old International Reissue Policy valid until?

  • For tickets issued prior to 20 January 2021, Type 1 reissues Before/After departure will apply the old International Reissue policy, for the life of the ticket.
  • For tickets issued prior to 20 January 2021, Type 2 reissues After Departure will apply the previous policy
  • View old International Reissue Policy 

For all other reissues, the new International Reissue policy will apply if a ticket is reissued on / after 20 January 2021

What is the difference between the old and the new International reissue policy?

The old international reissue policy was based on Type 1 and Type 2 reissue which determined whether historical or current fares applied. The new international reissue policy is based on fare families and current fares apply before departure for all fares.

How will I know which policy to apply when reissuing my customers ticket?

Fares are filed to automatically reissue following our new International Reissue Policy removing the need for Agents to identify and remember these.