Through Flight Information

What is a Through Flight?

A through flight is a direct flight between two points with no change in flight number. It may or may not include a stop at an intermediate Australian domestic or international point.

QF1 is booked as one flight number from Sydney (SYD) to London (LHR) and has a stop in Singapore (SIN).

Which Qantas Flights have a Stop at an Intermediate Point?

The following Qantas flights are through flights with a stop at an intermediate point:

  • QF1/2 between SYD and LHR with SIN as the intermediate point 
  • QF9/10 between MEL and LHR with PER as the intermediate point 
  • QF5/6 between SYD and ROM with PER as the intermediate point

How do I Book a Through Flight?

Through flights need to be booked from origin to destination as one flight number. Flights are not permitted to be split into two segments, unless your customer would like to have a stopover (24 hours or more) at the intermediate point.

Flights that are booked incorrectly may be cancelled without warning or result in an Agent Debit Memo (ADM).

Can I Book the Domestic Sector Separately?

The domestic sector of an international flight can be booked separately. As the flight arrives/departs from an international terminal, some conditions apply. These include: check in at least 60 minutes prior to departure; presentation of a valid photo identification; no though check of baggage to/from other Australian domestic flights. Refer to Domestic Travel on International FlightsOpens in a new tab or window for further information.

Additional Information

Direct Flight
A flight between origin and destination with the same flight number that may or may not have a stop at an intermediate point. 

Intermediate Point
An airport where a stop is made on a direct flight.

A touch down by a flight for either technical reasons such as refuelling or to pick up and/or drop off passengers. 

A break in a customer’s international journey of 24 hours or more.