Manage Booking

Use Manage Booking to service customer bookings made either through your GDS or direct through Qantas Agency Connect. You can retrieve the booking using your GDS or Qantas booking reference and your customer's last name. 


What Can be Done Through Manage Booking?

Add or update your customers': 

  • Contact information
  • E-mail address
  • Qantas or oneworld Frequent Flyer number 

Book your customers’: 

For bookings made through Qantas Agency Connect you can also:

  • View or print your customer's itinerary
  • Check in on behalf of your customer
  • Request tax invoices
  • Update flights following a schedule change
  • Change, cancel or redeem Australian Domestic or Trans Tasman flights
  • Pay for a booking using credit/debit card and bank transfer 


Disclaimer: Disclaimer: * No agency commission is payable on ancillary charges processed through Manage Booking.
+ When booking on behalf of your customer, please ensure that your customer meets the Terms and Conditions for Exit Row seating.
# For Australia
~ For New Zealand