Class Upgrade

If you need to upgrade your customer’s flight/s to a higher class in the same cabin please complete our online Class Upgrade Service Request. 

Examples of when a class upgrade is required including:

  • Upgrade from O to S class for Frequent Flyer upgrade requests​
  • Upgrade from I to D class for reissue to a oneworld fare 


  • Only Qantas operated and marketed flights can be upgraded 
  • The flight/s to be upgraded must be confirmed in a lower class in the same cabin 
  • The following classes are exempt from class upgrade: G / X / Z / U/ P 
  • Flights already booked in the highest class in cabin cannot be upgraded e.g. Y/ W/ J


  • Follow our interactive Class Upgrade flow to have the flight/s confirmed in the higher booking class by Qantas 
  • Once upgraded, changes cannot be reversed 

Where possible, we will rebook your customer’s flight/s to the higher booking class requested and generate SSR remarks to their booking advising you that your request has been actioned. Please then issue or reissue your customer’s ticket collecting the additional fare, tax and change fees as applicable and ensure you meet the requirements of the new fare rule including the ticketing time limit (TTL).