Class Mismatch

A class mismatch occurs when a ticket is issued in one class and the booking is in a different class. The class in your customer’s booking must match the class shown on their ticket.

What Happens if there is a Class Mismatch?

If a class mismatch is detected, two SSR messages will be generated to your customer’s booking advising you to correct the error.

SSR Message Description of SSR Message Example
  First Message                  The first SSR message is sent when the class mismatch is detected. 'TKT CLASS DOES NOT MATCH BKG CLASS - PLEASE CHECK CORRECT'
  Second Message                                    If the class mismatch is not corrected a second SSR message is sent 72 hours prior to departure. 'TKT CLASS DOES NOT MATCH BKG CLASS - PLEASE CHECK AND CORRECT PRIOR TO DEPARTURE OR RISK ADM'


The class mismatch process does not apply to the following:
  • Ticketed class is higher than the booked class (e.g. ticketed in J, fare paid in J, booked in D)
  • Unconfirmed bookings (e.g. waitlist or standby segments)
  • International and domestic Frequent Flyer upgrades
  • Airline disruptions
  • Authorised waivers
  • Qantas schedule changes