Ticket credits for multiple bookings

Latest News|Published 26 August 2021

Qantas has implemented a process improving how customers can use their ticket value held in credit if their travel was impacted by COVID-19. Customers will now have the option to use Ticket Credits for multiple bookings.

Travel Agents in Australia and New Zealand will have the ability to hold residual funds against a Pseudo Flight on eTickets. This capability allows Travel Agents to self-service bookings made using ticket credit and provide end to end customer service.

This option is available for tickets that were issued on/before 30 September 2021.

Commercial Policy issued for Qantas Customers and Clue Card

  • Clue Card - Ticket Credits for multiple bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

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General information

Will this apply to international and domestic tickets?

Yes. This process applies to all tickets issued on Qantas 081 paper.

Are these credits transferrable?

No. These credits cannot be transferred to another customer. Name changes are not permitted.

Does my customer need to choose a destination to start the Ticket Credit for multiple bookings process?

No. Once the ticket is held in credit, the customer has until 31 December 2023 to rebook using this credit otherwise the credit is forfeited.

Does my customer need to use the Ticket Credits for multiple bookings process in order to keep their funds in credit?

No. The customer can decide whether they would like to use their current credit towards multiple journeys. If they choose not to, the usual terms and conditions apply including that the re-issue must be to an equal or higher fare.

The original fare my customer purchased was commissionable. Will this commission be recalled as the fares now purchased are non-commissionable?

Yes. Once the full credit has been utilised by the customer, Qantas will do a full reconciliation of all tickets issued against this process and recall any commissions that are no longer applicable. Qantas will recall commission through our normal policy of raising an ADM.

Why do I have to refund the taxes when first converting my customer’s ticket to a credit?

All taxes are fully refundable. To simplify the process as much as possible, taxes will be returned to the customer when first converting the ticket for credit. All taxes (including GST if applicable) will need to be collected for journeys being purchased using these credits.

Is this process available globally?

This process is only available for Travel Agents in Australia for tickets sold in Australia and in New Zealand for tickets sold in New Zealand.  We are currently working towards releasing this process in other regions and will provide information once this is available.

Using a Pseudo flight

What Pseudo flight is loaded into the GDS for this process?

A Pseudo flight has been released into all GDS’s to be used to hold residual funds in credit.

The flight for Australia agents is: QF9331 SYD/ZZF

The flight for New Zealand agents is: QF9331 AKL/ZZF

ZZF is the city code for Mystery Flights. Is Qantas reintroducing Mystery flights?

No. This flight has been used only for the purpose of holding credit for future travel. Qantas is not reintroducing Mystery Flights. 

Y class is the only class showing available on the Pseudo flight. Is this the class I need to book?

Yes. Y class is the only class available for this flight. Y class does not have any reflection on the fare value being stored and the fare showing on the ticket would be fare value being held in credit.

When I book the Pseudo flight, is there any particular date that I should be booking?

No. The Pseudo flight has been released for the whole of 2021/2022/2023. Please choose a date later than the flights the customer is requesting to ensure the credit of funds is held on the last coupon of the eTicket.

If I am making changes to the itinerary that has been booked, can I use the Pseudo flight that I am holding?

Yes. If the itinerary is changing, then you need to rebook the Pseudo flight. This will allow for any residual funds to be held against this flight to be recalculated ensuring that the credit held is for the correct amount.

Do I need to cancel the Pseudo flight once I have reissued the ticket?


Does it matter if my customer no-shows on the Pseudo flight?

No. The value will be retained on the ticket even after the date of the Pseudo flight has passed.

When I search for the Pseudo flight on a particular date, it is not appearing. Why?

We only have the ability to book 999 passengers on each Pseudo flight. If the Pseudo flight is not appearing on a particular date, please book for another date.

Will a change fee be applied on my first reissue to the Pseudo flight and every time I reissue a ticket with a Pseudo flight included?

No. As the Pseudo flight is only being used to facilitate the storing of funds for future travel and allow flexibility to customers, change fees do not apply for reissue of this coupon or flight.

Does GST apply to the Pseudo flight as it is technically a domestic Australia flight?

No. GST does not apply and does not need to be collected for the Pseudo flight as this flight is for storing of funds for future use only.  GST will apply to all domestic fares that are purchased using these credits.

Using funds held in credit

Am I permitted to book codeshare and/or interline services using this process?

Yes. All credits can be used towards Qantas fares including itineraries with codeshares and interline flights with partner airlines as per applicable fare rules and conditions.  Due to the complexity of these itineraries, we recommend requesting a fare reassessment to be done via Qantas Agency Connect to ensure the fare calculation is correct.  Additionally, if the codeshare or interline flight is operated by Emirates or a oneworld carrier, Qantas Agency Connect will need to facilitate the reissue on your behalf.  

My customer has utilised part of their credit and booked a SYD-MEL-SYD ticket but has not flown yet. My passenger has remaining credits and would like to book more flights. Can I do this?

Yes. Book the additional flights your customer would like to travel on in the PNR you are holding the SYD-MEL-SYD flights.  Then rebook the Pseudo flight.  As the SYD-MEL-SYD flights have not changed, no change fee will be applied. The cost of the additional flights will be taken from the credit held.  The taxes associated to the additional flights will need to be collected from the customer. If there is still remaining credit available for your customer, it will be held against your new Pseudo flight.

My customer has a private fare. Can we use this process with private fares?

Yes. This process can be used for any tickets issued on Qantas 081 paper. As per normal conditions, the QCI code cannot change through the life of the ticket.

My customer has used this process but now wants to make a date change on their flight. There has been no change to the fare purchased by my customer but there is a change fee associated with the fare purchased. How do I do this?

Change the flight as you normally would. Your GDS will automatically recalculate and identify that only a date change has occurred and collect the change fee, if applicable, during your reissue.  

My customer wants to make a date change only and there are no change fees associated with the fare purchased. Can I still just revalidate the coupon?

Yes, provided you have first confirmed that there has been no change to the fare.

Do I need to create a new PNR for every journey my customer books with these credits?

Yes. We strongly recommend that a new PNR is created for every journey your customer is booking.  This will ensure the recalculation of remaining credit is correct. 

My customer wants to book multiple domestic journeys at the same time using the credit. Can I do this?

Yes. We have updated our policy to allow multiple domestic journeys to be issued on the one ticket. This will provide customers with flexibility to use these credits.

The credit remaining on the coupon is $200, however, the new fare is $300. Do I need to add in a Pseudo flight?

No. When you reissue the coupon, any remaining credit will be deducted. The additional collection reflected will be for any additional costs in fare and taxes. 

GDS automated reissue tools

Do I need to do this manually?

Automation has been developed which will automatically remove the change fees when you are first reissuing your customer’s ticket.  This has simplified the process and enables you to utilise GDS automated reissue tools.  We do understand that some itineraries are more complex and whilst we believe automation will assist in most cases, fares can be constructed manually.

Once automation has been introduced, will this work throughout the life of the credit?

Yes. However, if automation is not available, you are able to continue using this process manually.

Do I need to include an authority number?

If you are processing any of these reissues manually, please include authority number 628180 in the endorsements box. If your tickets are being issued and reissued through your automated reissue systems, there is no need to include an authority number on your tickets. 

If I start this process manually, will I be able to reissue tickets using my automated reissue tools in the future?

No. Once you have started reissuing tickets manually, you will need to complete it manually.

Who do I contact if I have any issues with the automated reissue process within my GDS?

You should refer any questions to your GDS provider.

Extended validity on tickets to 31 December 2023

Does all travel need to be completed by 31 December 2023?

No. All tickets must be reissued by 31 December 2023 for travel to be completed within ticket validity.

Do I need to do anything to my customer’s ticket to extend the validity to 31 December 2023?

No, all eTickets will be available for your customer to reissue until 31 December 2023. We do believe that automated reissue tools may not work once these tickets have passed their ‘normal’ expiry date.  To ensure eTickets remain available to reissue through your Automated reissue tools, it can be reissued prior to the expiry date.  

My customer has not reissued all their credits by 31 December 2023. What happens with any remaining credits?

All tickets must be reissued by 31 December 2023. Any remaining credit is forfeited by the customer and will be removed on 1 January 2024.

Can my customer refund any remaining credit left on the eTicket at any stage?

No. Once the customer reissues their ticket to be a Pseudo flight the fare rules from the original booking no longer apply and any unredeemed value cannot be refunded (except in certain circumstances including under the Australian Consumer LawOpens in a new tab or window). If the original fare conditions permitted a refund, it must be requested prior to the reissue to a Pseudo flight and before the expiry date.

Once my customer has commenced this process, booked new flights and they are subsequently cancelled by Qantas, can I apply for refund on the eTicket?

No.  As set out above, once the customer reissues their ticket to be a Pseudo flight, the fare rules from the original booking no longer apply.  If the new flight is cancelled by Qantas, we will attempt to find a suitable re-accommodation option for the customer.  If this is not available, or if the proposed re-accommodation option is not acceptable to the customer, you can return the fare to credit.

My customer has purchased a fully refundable fare using their available credit. Can I refund this fare if they decide not to travel?

No. If the customer chooses to purchase a fully refundable fare using the Ticket Credit for multiple bookings option and subsequently decides not to travel, you can return the fare to credit.


Where can I find further information?

All information is available on the Qantas Agency Connect site. 

Who can I contact for assistance with this process?

Please contact the Qantas Agency Connect team.