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One ticket, endless adventures with Qantas Passenger Perks

Latest News|Published 21 June 2023

Help make your clients' first trip to Australia even more unforgettable.

With Qantas Passenger Perks, your international customers can unlock deals on an endless selection of nature, wildlife, and cultural experiences with just one ticket. From bridge climbs to croc encounters, help your customers see and enjoy more of Australia than they ever imagined.

Qantas Passenger Perk Offers

Click on the link below to see the great deals available for your customers. When they've chosen which experience they'd like to save with, they'll be directed to the supplier's website where they'll find out how to redeem their special offer.

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How to book

It’s easy to get more from your trip to Australia with Qantas Passenger Perks. Watch this short video to learn more.

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Validity / Eligibility for Qantas Passenger Perks Experiences

1. You can book 1 or more Qantas Passenger Perks offers if you are travelling between May 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024 inclusive on an international Qantas marketed flight(s) into Australia. 
2. A Qantas marketed flights must contain the airline code QF (for Qantas) on the ticket. This includes flights booked via a travel agent; travel manager or online travel agent, as well as on  
3. For flights with one (1) international connection or more, at least one of the international flights must feature a QF number on the ticket.          
4. Qantas marketed flights on Domestic routes within Australia are not eligible for this offer.

Booking your QPP Experience:
1. Your Qantas Passenger Perks experience(s) must be booked for a date that falls within the same travel period as your Qantas international flight into and out of Australia. 
2. You must record your Qantas Booking Reference Number when booking the offers with the QPP experience suppliers. 
3. Your Qantas Booking Reference Number is a unique 6-character sequence of letters and numbers sent to you at the time of booking. Refer to your confirmation email and ticket sent from, your travel agent, travel manager, or the online travel agent. 
4. You can also find your Qantas Booking Reference Number by visiting Manage Your Booking on or in the Qantas App and is also included in pre-departure communication sent to you either by Qantas or your booking agents prior to your journey. 
5. The experience supplier may ask you to enter in their unique promo code as well when booking. Full instructions can be found on each suppliers’ webpage. 
6. Qantas Passenger Perks deals/offers are based on the recommended retail price as determined by the supplier and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers from Qantas, or the supplier.  

Redeeming your QPP Experience
1. To redeem your Qantas Passenger Perks experience you must present your Qantas Booking Reference Number, in person, when you arrive at the experience. Examples include providing the ticket confirmation email with your Qantas Booking Reference Number, showing your booking in the Qantas App, or showing your pre-departure communications from Qantas/booking agent which contains the Booking Reference Number.
2. The supplier has the right to refuse entry or fulfillment of the offer if proof of the Booking Reference Number associated with a valid Qantas ticket is not valid as per the above eligibility, or presented, in person, at the time of redemption.