Commercial Policy for Qantas Customers Affected by Jetstar Industrial Action on 19 February 2020

Commercial Policy|Published 14 February 2020

Jetstar have been notified by the Transport Workers Union that it plans to hold a 24-hour strike on Wednesday 19 February 2020 at Sydney, Melbourne, Avalon, Brisbane, Cairns and Adelaide airports that may disrupt travel.

This commercial waiver policy is applicable for 19 February 2020 departures and for tickets issued on / before 14 February 2020.

General Information


  • New travel dates must be within ticket validity.
  • If your travel with Qantas / QantasLink is disrupted for reasons that are outside our control and you are away from your home port, Qantas will provide overnight accommodation (one night) otherwise, unless required by applicable laws, Qantas will not be responsible for paying any other costs or expenses, such as hotel or other ground operator fees
  • All other rules and conditions of the ticket remain unchanged.
  • Customers are permitted to make changes as outlined in this policy. Any subsequent changes made after the ticket is reissued will be subject to the rules and conditions of the original ticketed fare purchased.

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Customers with unticketed bookings

For unticketed bookings, alternate flights/routings can be rebooked subject to availability and tickets issued in accordance with fare conditions.

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Customers on Frequent Flyer Reward Tickets

Passengers who are travelling on Qantas & Jetstar Points Plus Pay tickets are entitled to the same options and conditions as listed above.

Passengers who are travelling on Qantas & Partner Classic Flight Reward tickets are entitled to the same options and conditions as listed provided any travel rebooked or rerouted is made on an eligible Qantas Frequent Flyer Partner Airline and any travel booked on a partner airline is subject to reward seat availability. Classic Flight Reward tickets cannot be retained in credit.

Please note, any changes to bookings in redemption classes must be made in the same class as the original booking.

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Your Customer's Ticket

All flight changes need to be actioned (reissued or revalidated) prior to travel, regardless of which airline the ticket is validated to.

Qantas (081) Issued Ticket

Options Permitted Action Conditions

1. Rebook / Reroute Travel.

  • Rebook to an alternate Qantas flight with a “QF*” flight number operated by Jetstar.
  • Rebook to an alternate Jetstar flight with a “JQ” flight number operated by Jetstar.
  • Rebooking permitted in the lowest available booking class on Jetstar services.
  • New travel dates must be between 14/02/2020 and 27/02/2020.

2. Retain Ticket Value in Credit.

  • Original ticket value can be held in credit for 12 months from the original ticketed date of departure.
  • Change fees do not apply.
  • Fare difference and/or additional surcharges, fees or taxes are payable if the new ticket is of a higher value than the original ticket.

3. Refund.

  • Full or partial refund permitted, depending on whether the customer’s journey has commenced.
  • A full refund of any unused sector(s) is permitted.
  • Refund requests must be submitted no later than 19FEB20.

Non-Qantas (081) Issued Ticket

For tickets validated to another carrier, please refer to the ticketed airline’s policy for ticket reissue.

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Ticket Information

For customers holding a Qantas (081) issued ticket:


  • Ticket to be reissued with no additional collection or refund.
  • Additional fare, ticket taxes and change fees associated to the ticket do not apply.
  • All details of the original ticket to be shown on the new ticket including fare basis and fare calculation.
  • Authority Number (611530) must be entered into the tour code box to avoid ADM.


  • Authority Number (611530) must be entered into the tour code box to waive the fee for voluntary changes and avoid ADM.


  • Any refund fees will be waived for tickets issued in accordance with this policy.
  • This excludes fees imposed by suppliers or third parties.
  • To request a refund, return the ticket to the original point of purchase.
  • Travel Agents can submit a Refund Application via BSP Link with reference to the Authority Number (611530) to waive any refund fees, no later than 3 months from the date of this policy.