Qantas tips for a great trip

Latest News|Published 5 December 2019

It's a busy time of year, so we’ve put together our Top 10 Travel Tips to help customers prepare for their upcoming trip.

  1. To make sure Qantas can contact your customer wherever they are with any travel updates, make sure their current email address and mobile number are included in their booking.
  2. Ask your customer if they will be using an international SIM card while overseas. They can update their phone number while they’re away via Manage Your BookingOpens in a new tab or window.
  3. Remind your customer to remember to pack their passport and double check it’s validOpens in a new tab or window (some countries won’t accept it within six months of expiry).
  4. Plan travel to the airport with traffic in mind.
  5. Advise they download the Qantas App and ‘Add Trip’ to check-in, get their boarding pass and more, via the App StoreOpens in a new tab or window or Google PlayOpens in a new tab or window, or check-in onlineOpens in a new tab or window from 24 hours before departure.
  6. Check their flight and register to receive updates via Flight StatusOpens in a new tab or window.
  7. Preview our inflight entertainmentOpens in a new tab or window, and bring along any other favourite content on their own device.
  8. Get travel money sorted with Qantas Travel Money.
  9. Label bags with contact details for when they're away from home .
  10. Travelling with kids? Here are a few extra tipsOpens in a new tab or window.

Please share these tips with our mutual customers, and wish them a safe and enjoyable festive season from Qantas.