Lower pricing via the Qantas Distribution Platform

Lower pricing QDP

The Qantas Distribution Platform has the capability to deliver lower pricing. This benefit enables your travel agency to access lower fares for your customers, compared to fares available in indirect booking systems that do not access Qantas Distribution Platform content.

Lower pricing is currently available on Australian domestic fares for all travel agents accessing Qantas Distribution Platform content through an Approved Technology Partner. From 29 August 2023, this will be extended to include trans-Tasman fares for Australian and New Zealand-based travel agents.

You can find some Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for and understand this additional benefit.

Your travel agency may still need to undertake steps to finalise access to Qantas Distribution Platform content. Your Travel Agency Manager should speak with your nominated Technology Partner about their connection to the Qantas Distribution Platform.

As a reminder, if your travel agency would like to access Qantas Distribution Platform content, please follow the steps below:

How to begin your Qantas Distribution Platform journey


Register your agency for the Qantas Channel (if you have not already done so)

Nominate your Approved Technology Partner*

Contact and speak with your nominated Approved Technology Partner to ensure connectivity with their platform

Access^ Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers

Qantas Channel

A commercial agreement between Qantas and a Travel Agency, the Qantas Channel allows you access to content and offers available via the Qantas Distribution Platform. Learn more about how to register for the Qantas Channel.

Register for the Qantas Channel

Approved Technology Partners

Explore Qantas’ established and growing network of Technology Partners providing Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers to travel agencies registered with the Qantas Channel. 

More on Approved Technology Partners

Important Information

Disclaimer: *Please consider your own business needs before choosing a Technology Partner that best suits your business. 

Disclaimer: ^Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers are only available to travel agents that are participating in the Qantas Channel and are connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform via an Approved Technology Partner. Subject to Technology Partner capability and readiness.