IATA Traffic Conference Areas

Fare construction is based on which areas of the world your customer is travelling to, from and via.

To organise and simplify the fare construction rules, routings and fares, IATA divides the world into two hemispheres: Eastern and Western. Within these hemispheres there are three main IATA areas known as Traffic Conference Areas (TC Areas) which are further divided into sub areas.

IATA Traffic Conference

IATA Traffic Conference Sub Areas

There are many sub-areas contained within the TC Areas. Common sub-areas include, but are not limited to: 

Traffic Conference Area 1 (TC1): Western Hemisphere

  • North American sub-area
  • Central American sub-area
  • South American sub-area
  • Caribbean sub-area

Traffic Conference Area 2 (TC2): Eastern Hemisphere

  • European sub-area
  • African sub-area
  • Middle East sub-area

Traffic Conference Area 3 (TC3): Eastern Hemisphere

  • South Asian Subcontinent sub-area
  • South East Asian sub-area
  • South West Pacific sub-area

Further Information

  • The sub area divisions are not necessarily the same as geographic ones. For instance, some countries located in North Africa including Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are considered by IATA to be part of Europe.
  • Please refer to the IATA TC Areas map (PDF) and the IATA Passenger Air Tariff (PAT) rule book for more information.