Schedule Change and Disruption Handling Guide

At times changes need to be made to our Qantas flights. The way these changes are handled differs depending on when the change takes place.

If your customer has been affected by a schedule change or disruption, this guide will assist you to communicate the right information to your customer. 

Schedule Change Handling

What is a Schedule Change?

A schedule change is an involuntary change to a Qantas flight outside 72 hours prior to flight departure.  

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How will my Customer be Notified of the Schedule Change?

  • Qantas generates a message through your GDS or Technology Partner queues informing you of the schedule change
  • The affected flight in the booking is updated with the status UN or TK
  • You are required to contact your customer to advise of the schedule change, update the booking and arrange for the ticket to be updated if it has not been revalidated by the Qantas auto-revalidation process.

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Further Information

Disruption Handling

What is a Disruption?

A disruption is an involuntary change to a Qantas flight within 72hrs prior to departure that impacts your customer’s journey.

Disruptions include:

  • Flight cancellations
  • Flight diversions
  • Missed connections
  • Late arriving aircraft
  • Change of aircraft type (including size of aircraft and class change)
  • Offloads
  • Any other scenario where the flight does not depart or arrive as per published schedules.

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How will my Customer be Notified of a Disruption?

Qantas will attempt to contact customers that are impacted by a disruption on QF operated/marketed and QF/JQ codeshare flights to minimise the risk of mishandling.

Customers will be contacted by email, SMS or phone call if the disruption has resulted in a cancellation or a delay that is greater than:

  • 45 minutes for a Qantas Australian domestic flight
  • 1 hour for a Qantas international flight 

To ensure that your customers can be reached by Qantas during disruptions we require you to include your customer's contact details as an SSR in their booking. Please refer to Customer Contact Details for more information.

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How are Disruptions Processed?

  • Unless the disruption is very close to departure, you will receive a notification via a UN or TK message through your GDS or Technology Partner queues.
  • If you accept the change on behalf of your customer, please also update their ticket if it has not been revalidated by Qantas. This will advise Qantas that your customer is aware of, and has accepted the change to their flight.
  • If the reaccommodated flight is not acceptable, please rebook your customer to an alternative flight.
  • Refer to the Qantas Schedule Change Policy and Other Airline Schedule Change Policy for reaccommodation options.

For disruptions that happen very close to the time of departure, Qantas will notify your customer of the disruption, assist with any changes that need to be made to their flights and reissue their ticket as required.  This generally applies to departures within 2 hours for Australian domestic flights and within 4 hours for international flights.

Where possible, Qantas will automatically revalidate or reissue the affected coupon/s whenever a disruption occurs. You will need to contact Qantas for assistance if the reaccommodated flights are unacceptable and Qantas has reissued the affected coupons.

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In the unlikely event that your customer’s flight is delayed overnight for reasons within our control and your customer is away from their home port, we will provide your customer with meals, accommodation and transfers.

We will provide your customer with any further assistance required by the laws of the applicable country if their travel on a Qantas operated flight is disrupted outside Australia.

Refer to Customer Charter and Cancellations and Refunds for further information.

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