Guidelines for GDS Use

The following information will assist you in making QF bookings for your customer via your GDS.

Observe these guidelines to ensure revenue is maximised, unnecessary costs are avoided, and all possible inventory is available for sale to our customers.

Qantas Corporate Identifier (QCI)

It is a requirement that you include your Corporate customer’s QCI code on their ticket and also add it to their booking. Please use the following GDS entries, replacing XYZ with your customer’s QCI:

Amadeus:  SK QCID QF-XYZ

Travelport - Galileo:  SI.QF*QCID*XYZ


Fictitious Names

  • Make bookings for genuine passengers only.
  • Fictitious Name Check searches for bookings made with a fictitious name for training, testing, fare quote or speculative purposes.

Booking Segments

  • Cancelling and rebooking segments to avoid fare rules will not override the Ticketing Time Limit (TTL).
  • Issue tickets within the TTL of the fare.
  • Avoid speculative bookings and blocking inventory for future sales.
  • Bookings for invalid flight numbers or city pairs are not permitted.
  • Bookings for testing or training purposes are not permitted.
  • Display availability and book flights based on your customer’s origin and destination. For further information refer to Married Flights.

We suggest you contact your GDS provider for access to a test environment if you need to make bookings for testing or training purposes.

Waitlisted Segments

  • Ensure sensible waitlist practices by restricting waitlist segments to a minimum and cancelling unwanted waitlist segments promptly.
  • Check the fare rules prior to waitlisting a flight as some fares do not permit waitlists.

Unproductive Segments

  • Check your queues daily to update any confirmed waitlists, schedule changes, flight cancellations or messages in your bookings.
  • Remove and update all HX/UN/TK/NO segments promptly. 
  • Minimise the use of passive segments and remove promptly when no longer required.

Duplicate Bookings

  • Avoid holding multiple confirmed segments for the same journey.
  • Duplicate Booking Check searches for ‘dupe’ bookings and cancels if unactioned

Ensure you comply with all the above GDS guidelines to avoid a possible Agent Debit Memo (ADM).

Booking Ineligible Booking Classes

Agents that are not participating in the Qantas Channel will no longer be eligible to book and ticket all existing ATPCO Qantas published and private fares in N, Q, O and E class for itineraries that commence in Australia or New Zealand. Flights booked in an ineligible class may be automatically cancelled by Qantas

Group Bookings via Travel Agent GDS

A travel agent may book up to 30 passengers in total via the GDS. The following conditions apply:

  • Each PNR can contain a maximum of 9 passengers, up to a Total Complete Party (TCP) of 30;
  • Book Qantas operated and marketed flights only – no codeshare;
  • Travel in economy cabin only;
  • Use current economy class fares; 
  • Adhere to all conditions of the fare including booking class and ticketing time limits;
  • Provide names for all passengers and date of birth of children at time of booking