Base Commission

When can I Claim Base Commission?

Agents can claim BSP commission on published fares where available when tickets are issued on Qantas (081). The commission level may vary by point of ticketing.

Please note base commission can also be claimed for the Qantas Channel Fee if the Qantas Channel Fee is collected on any of the above fares.

What Happens if the Commission Amount Claimed is Incorrect?

If commission is claimed on a non-commissionable fare Qantas will raise an Agent Debit Memo (ADM) to recoup the amount. An ADM administration fee will also be applied.

If commission is payable but has not been claimed through BSP, an Agent Credit Memo (ACM) request can be submitted to Qantas via BSPlink to request an adjustment. Full details should be provided.

Commission on Refunded Tickets

Tickets submitted for refund via GDS or BSPlink are subject to commission recall. Commission will be recalled via ADM if you do not include it in the refund process.