Agent Rebate (AD) Travel Policy

From 1 December 2023, Qantas will be withdrawing Agent Rebated Travel. Any tickets issued will be eligible for travel within the validity of the authority received from Qantas.  Qantas will still introduce exclusive travel agent fares and promotions to destinations on the Qantas network, on an ad-hoc basis only.

Agent Rebate Travel (AD) discounts are available to staff of IATA/TIDS Travel Agency locations for travel on Qantas operated and marketed flights only.

What to Consider Before Applying

  • A valid IATA Travel Agent ID Card is required.
  • Bookings can be made between 5 and 28 days prior to departure ONLY.
  • Refer to this policy for the required booking class in Economy or Business cabin.
  • Agent Rebate Travel is not permitted in Premium Economy or First cabin. 
  • The discount is either 50% (AD50) or 75% (AD75) of the published Y or J class fare and NOT of the fare basis for the required booking class.
  • Check the Agent Discount paragraph of the fare rule to confirm that discounts are permitted. 
  • Waitlists are not permitted.
  • The lowest published fare available may be cheaper than an AD Travel discount.
  • Your children are not eligible for Agent Rebate Travel.

Your Booking

General Information


To be eligible for AD travel, you must be: 

  • A sole proprietor/owner, partner or director of an IATA/TIDS travel agency 
  • An employee of a travel agency who holds a valid IATA travel agent ID card
  • A spouse/de-facto travelling together with an eligible employee (AD50 only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Booking

How to Book

    1. Create your booking (for Qantas Marketed and Operated flights only) ensuring all passenger names match the name in the passport.

    2. Complete the Agent Rebate Travel application form along with a completed IATA Resolution 880 form and submit to, ensuring you include your valid IATA travel agent card number*.  

    3.  Your Agent Rebated (AD) Travel application will be reviewed by the Qantas Agency Connect Team.  

     4 .Once approved, you will be advised an authority number and travel category code to continue with ticketing. 

     5. If this is not approved, you will be contacted for further information. 

     6. Organise for your ticket to be issued as per the applicable fare rule, following the ticketing instructions provided. The advised authority number and travel category code are required to be added to the Endorsements Box.  

     7. The fare conditions must be complied with including Flight Application, Transfers, Stopovers, Change Fees and Refund conditions.

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Ticket Fields Entries
Fare Basis NAD75 or NAD50 (Economy and Business class)
followed by a slash (/); and the fare basis being used
e.g. NAD75/JXFEU
Status Box HK (for conditionally confirmed space)
Carrier Box QF
Endorsements/Restrictions Valid QF only
Non Endorseable / Authority Number / Travel Category / Agent ID Number
Not Valid After Box 90 days from commencement of travel
Commission Rate Box 0%

Travel Category Codes

The applicable travel category code is to be added to the Endorsement Box of your ticket:

Ticketing Entries

Domestic Travel Category Code
Economy AD75 60Y/Y4099
Economy AD50 45Y/Y4099
Business 45J/J1999
International Travel Category Code
Economy AD75 45Y/Y4099
Economy AD50 45Y/Y4099
Business AD75 45J/J1999
Business AD50 45J/J1999


All applicable government, airport taxes, charges and GST (if applicable) must be paid in addition to the airfare at time of ticket issuance. 


Refunds are permitted where the fare rule permits and can be processed through BSPlink.

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Important Information

~ IATA travel agent ID card number is not required on application for sole proprietor, owner, partner or director of a travel agency. Please advise your position or title when submitting application for verification.
* This refers to your IATA travel agent ID card number and not your agency IATA/TIDS number. Please refer to the IATAOpens external site in a new window website to review eligibility or to obtain an IATA travel agent ID card number.
^ You and your spouse/de-facto must have been cohabiting for over twelve months and be travelling together on all flights. Proof of relationship will be requested either with a copy of the marriage certificate or a statutory declaration. Children are not permitted to use the AD Travel policy.