ADM Information

Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) are issued by Qantas to recover amounts that should have been remitted to us relating to the booking, ticketing and servicing of Qantas tickets.

To avoid ADMs, we encourage you to use the information provided on Qantas Agency Connect to ensure Qantas tickets are issued and serviced correctly. 

Pursuant to IATA Resolution 850m, following is the Qantas policy on the issuance of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) and ACMs (not part of Reso850m)

Or: The following Qantas policy on the issuance of Agent Debit Memos (ADMs) is pursuant to IATA Resolution 850m.

Qantas may also agree additional uses for ADMs directly with an agent.

2. General Information

2.1 Why are ADMs Issued?

Qantas will issue an ADM to an agent to recover costs incurred by Qantas (including any service fee applicable) where the agent has not correctly complied with Qantas policies with respect to:

(a)  Fare and Ticketing rules and conditions; and/or
(b) Name Corrections and Changes, International and Domestic Ticket Reissue and Refunds; and
(c) has not received the correct monies; and/or
(d) incurs an administrative burden; and/or
(e) incurs a financial cost; and/or
(f) incurs a legal liability to the passenger or a third party; and/or 
(g) is non-compliant with its legal obligations.

2.2 Additional Reasons that ADMs may be issued

Qantas will also issue an ADM to an agent where the agent:

(a) fails to include correct endorsements and codes on the ticket, examples of this include: 

i. Authority for commercial waiver of a fare condition
ii. Authority for a Qantas schedule change
iii. Authority for another airline schedule change 
iv. Authority for name correction
v. Qantas Client Identification (QCI) code
vi. Agent Rebate (ID/AD) discount required endorsements ; or

(b) is not compliant with its obligations in:

i. Non-collection of the Qantas Channel fee.
ii. Issuing a ticket in O/N/Q/E class when not eligible.
iii. Incorrect use or application of Qantas Special Fares.
iv. Reissue to a different QCI code.
v. Refund to a different form of payment or a different credit card from the original form of payment used to purchase the ticket in breach of IATA Resolution 824r.
vi. Class Mismatch.
vii. Reissue or refund by a different IATA number that is not within the same group of franchisees, same country and same currency of original issuing IATA number
viii. No Show of a passenger on an unticketed booking.
ix. Incorrect validation to Qantas (081).
x. Incorrectly claimed commission.

2.3 Some examples of when an ADM will be issued to an agent are listed below.

Where the Agent:

(a) Fails to collect Qantas Channel fee on a ticket when applicable.
(b) Issues a ticket in O/N/Q/E class when not eligible.
(c) Incorrectly uses, applies or issues Qantas Special Fares.
(d) Reissues a Qantas Special Fare to a different QCI code which is not authorised.
(e) Reissues or refunds a ticket to a different form of payment or a different credit card from the original form of payment used to purchase the ticket in breach of IATA Resolution 824r.
(f) Reissues a commissionable fare to a non-commissionable, Qantas will recover the commission claimed through ADM

This is not an exhaustive list and is indicative only.

2.4 How are ADMs Issued?

All Qantas ADMs are issued via BSPlink so are easy for you to manage quickly.

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2.5 What is the Administration Fee for Processing an ADM?

An administration fee applies to each ADM in addition to the amount for which the ADM is raised.

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ADM Dispute Process

3.1 ADM Dispute Process

An agent must only dispute an ADM where you are able to provide justification and supporting evidence that the ADM was issued to you in error.

An ADM may only be disputed using the Qantas ADM Dispute Process set out in [3.2] below.

3.2 Qantas ADM Dispute Process

An ADM Dispute will be managed as follows (Qantas ADM Dispute Process):

(a) An agent may dispute an ADM sent in error by clicking on the ‘Dispute’ button at the bottom of the ADM notification and providing specific details of your justification (including supporting evidence) for disputing the ADM (ADM Dispute).
(b) An ADM Dispute must be raised within the BSPLink within 15 days of the ADM notification.
(c) Qantas will review any ADM Dispute within 14 days of notification via the BSPLink.

When the ‘Dispute’ button is no longer available, further communication regarding your ADM Dispute should be made direct with Qantas to the email address provided on the ADM.

3.3 Resolution of an ADM Dispute

Once Qantas has reviewed the ADM Dispute:

(a) If the original ADM notification was correct, the ADM originally issued via BSPlink will be processed against the agent;
(b) If Qantas agrees that the ADM needs adjustment, we will cancel and reissue an adjusted ADM or raise an Agency Credit Memo (ACM) for the difference once the original ADM is billed.

3.4 ADM Reduction Requests

An agent may request an ADM reduction from Qantas in circumstances where an incorrect amount was remitted to Qantas due to a ticketing error has occurred. 

In any of the following circumstances, Qantas will reduce the amount of an ADM to a flat rate, inclusive of an administration fee:

(a) Schedule change when an authority was provided but was not added to the endorsement box. 
(b) Change fees not remitted, when a commercial waiver was provided but was not added to the ticket endorsement box.
(c) Incorrect remittance of fare due to Qantas Corporate Identification (QCI) number missing from the tour code box.

3.5 ADM reduction application process

If you have received an ADM notification for the full amount of a ticketing error shortfall and the specific ticketing errors listed above have occurred you may request that the ADM is reduced to a flat rate plus the Administration Fee by following the Qantas ADM Dispute Process above.

3.6 Post Billing Disputes

All ADMs must be disputed through the Qantas ADM Dispute Process.  If Qantas receives a dispute via the IATA Post Billing Disputes system (PBD) without initially following the Qantas ADM Dispute Process, Qantas will not respond to the PBD request and the ADM will be re-issued to the agent with service and administration fees applied.

If a PBD results in falling favourable to Qantas but the agent has not followed the dispute process, Qantas will charge the agent applicable fees associated with the PBD.