The Qantas Channel is now live

Qantas Distribution Platform|Published 1 August 2019

Qantas’ new distribution model – the Qantas ChannelOpens in a new tab or window – is set to modernise the way agencies book fares and deliver personalised experiences to customers.

Agencies who have signed up to the Qantas Channel will, over time, be able to offer customers new content, sourced from the New Distribution Capability (NDC)-enabled Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP)Opens in a new tab or window, which is not currently available via traditional indirect booking systems.

Qantas has reached agreement with all of the major Global Distribution Systems to make the Qantas Channel available to agencies globally and continues to work with other technology partners to deliver the Qantas Channel and QDP content.

The launch of the Qantas Channel is an important milestone in the transformation of Qantas’ distribution strategy. We will continue to work closely with our Agency Partners to prepare for the introduction of the new technology, with the benefits of our new distribution platform expected to start flowing through in the coming months.

Greater reward and recognition of our Frequent Flyers and the ability to deliver targeted offers for our Agency Partners are just some of the benefits that are in the pipeline. Our vision is to offer our agency partners a bigger toolkit to support our mutual customers.

Qantas Channel Registration

Agencies who have registered for the Qantas Channel are encouraged to check their registration status by using your Agency Manager login to access Qantas Agency Connect, clicking on My Agency Profile and going to the PCC/Office ID tab. Please also ensure that your agency details are updated if required.

If you have reached agreement with your GDS, the GDS has now checked the PCC/Office ID data you supplied to Qantas and have returned it to us. Each PCC/Office ID relating to your Qantas Channel registration will now show as one of the following four statuses in My Agency Profile:

Table containing information about Qantas Channel Registration Status
Qantas Channel Registration Status Status Description
New This status indicates that your Qantas Channel Agreement is live and you are a participant in the Qantas Channel for those PCC/Office ID’s listed as Active
Accepted into the Qantas Channel

This status indicates that your agency is participating in the Qantas Channel from the nominated Effective Date and that all required steps have been finalised.

As well as the PCC/Office IDs registered by your Agency on Qantas Agency Connect, the GDS may have supplied additional PCCs/Office IDs for your Agency that have been matched by Qantas to your Agency. These will also appear within My Agency Profile as having an Accepted status.

Any further PCCs/Office IDs provided by your GDS that Qantas has been unable to match to your Agency will have access to the Qantas Channel from 1 August 2019 while we work through the mismatched data. These PCCs/Office IDs will not show in your Agency Profile. We encourage you to ensure that all your Agency details are maintained with your GDS.

Validating This indicates that your GDS has not yet confirmed your PCCs/Office IDs back to Qantas.  This means that you have not reached agreement with your GDS or the PCCs/Office IDs that you supplied Qantas are incorrect. If you intend to enter the Qantas Channel, it is important that you reach agreement with your GDS as soon as possible.
Rejected from the Qantas Channel These PCCs/Office IDs were not validated by your GDS in the file that was sent to Qantas by your GDS. If you believe that any rejected PCCs/Office IDs have been excluded incorrectly, please contact your GDS immediately to update your Agency details against these PCCs/Office IDs.

Agencies that have not registered for the Qantas Channel may incur a channel fee, in addition to no longer being able to access a wide range of traditional fares made available via indirect channels or having access to the new content via the QDP as it becomes available.

Registration for the Qantas Channel remains open for all agencies. For more information and to view a set of FAQs, visit Qantas Agency Connect.

If you have any queries or require support in registering for the Qantas Channel, please contact your Qantas Account Manager.