Ticket Revalidation

The following guidelines identify whether your customer’s ticket can be revalidated or reissued.


When can I Revalidate a Qantas (081) Ticket?

Revalidation of Qantas (081) tickets is permitted in the following circumstances:

  • On Qantas International Flex fares when a date and/or time change is being made to a Qantas operated and marketed flight and if after reassessment no additional fare, tax, change fee or no-show fee apply.
  • On Qantas Australian Domestic Flex and Business fares when routing, booking class and fare basis remain the same and after repricing, the base fare and/or ticket taxes have increased or decreased by no more than A$1.99.
  • When there has been a schedule change to a Qantas operated and marketed flight and the airline designator, routing and booking class is not changing.


Ticket reissue is required in all other cases including all tickets containing interline and codeshare flights and bookings made via the Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP).