Benefits of the Qantas Distribution Platform

Qantas continues to develop and enhance the end-to-end retailing experience through the Qantas Distribution Platform, delivering added value and accessibility through the way you shop, the information you see, and how you service customer bookings.

The Qantas Distribution Platform unlocks a variety of benefits, from shopping and servicing to enriched content and unique offers, that recognises your role in Qantas’ travel ecosystem to help you sell Qantas with confidence and meets the needs of our mutual customers. 

More options for you to source content and offers

Qantas can distribute content and offers to your travel agency via a wide range of options. Your travel agency can choose to source Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers through an Approved Technology Partner or even choose to invest in your own technology and connect directly to the Qantas Distribution Platform. 

Seamless shopping, booking and servicing

Whether it’s providing you with richer information at point of sale, enabling access to a range of unique offers or improving traditional servicing pain points – the Qantas Distribution Platform continues to develop the shopping, booking and servicing experience, giving you access to advanced retailing technology and for our mutual customers to book with confidence with their preferred travel agency.  

Reduced risk of errors 

With the Qantas Distribution Platform responsible for creating an offer, the likelihood of errors will be reduced. A key benefit for booking via the Qantas Distribution Platform is that the incidence of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) will likely decline as Qantas Distribution Platform bookings increase.

New types of offers

The Qantas Distribution Platform allows Qantas to generate new and unique types of offers for you to access.  From ancillaries, special Qantas Frequent Flyer offers to Dynamic Commissions, the Qantas Distribution Platform aims to provide additional revenue opportunities for you as well as giving our mutual customers the chance to save or be recognised for their loyalty when booking Qantas. 

Personalised and tailored offers 

Qantas provides you with access to personalised and tailored offers for your customers available through the Qantas Distribution Platform. By including your customers' information in your shopping, you can receive special offers for you to identify and apply to your customer’s booking, like bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer Points or Status Credits offers. 

Collaboration and Innovation 

Qantas collaborates with travel agents and Technology Partners, across the globe, to enhance the end-to-end retailing experience through new and innovative content, offers and experience even more benefits and opportunities for your travel agency and customers via the Qantas Distribution Platform

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Lower pricing via the Qantas Distribution Platform

Lower pricing enables your travel agency to access lower fares for your customers, compared to fares available in indirect booking systems that do not access Qantas Distribution Platform content. 

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Qantas Channel 

A commercial agreement between Qantas and a travel agency, the Qantas Channel allows you access to content and offers available via the Qantas Distribution Platform. Learn more about how to register for the Qantas Channel.

Register for the Qantas Channel

Approved Technology Partners 

Explore Qantas’ established and growing network of Technology Partners providing Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers to travel agencies registered with the Qantas Channel.

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