Qantas Distribution Platform launches unaccompanied minor booking capability

Qantas Distribution Platform|Published 3 March 2022

The Qantas Distribution Platform now has the capability for you to book unaccompanied minors on Qantas operated flights for customers that require a child (or children) to travel alone. 

This booking capability enables you to service your customers’ unique needs as Qantas continues to ensure children fly safely when they are travelling alone.  

Who is an unaccompanied minor?

An unaccompanied minor is a child (or children) travelling without the supervision of an adult or sibling 15 years or over in the same cabin.  

How do I book my customer’s child as an unaccompanied minor?

If your customer requires a child (or children) to be booked as an unaccompanied minor on a Qantas operated flight, you must first enter the code ‘UNN’ to the Passenger Type Code (PTC) to price the Qantas fare. Most fare rules require the adult fare to be applied for an unaccompanied minor, you are required to check the Child Discount paragraph in the conditions of the fare. 

To then cover the additional services and facilities required for a comfortable and enjoyable Qantas experience for children travelling as unaccompanied minors, a supervision fee will also apply. A supervision fee of A$50 for domestic and A$90 for international travel applies per unaccompanied minor in each direction. The supervision fee is to then be collected in each direction, payable upon issuing the ticket to your customer, via an EMD. Please refer to Unaccompanied Minor and Young Passenger Policy on Qantas Agency Connect for further information on collection of a supervision fee via an EMD. Once collected and receipted, the supervision fee EMD receipt is to be provided to your customer as this is required by Qantas staff on the day of travel.  

Additionally, the below mandatory entries must also be included, for pick-up and drop-off information, into your customer’s booking.  

  • Age of child (must be 2 digits) 
  • Language of child and first name
  • Sender name and relationship
  • Sender contact address
  • Sender phone contact
  • Receiver name and relationship
  • Receiver contact address 
  • Receiver phone contact 

Please speak with your Technology Partner for any additional information regarding entries for an unaccompanied minor booking via the Qantas Distribution Platform. 

What happens if a customer makes changes to their booking?

If your customer makes changes to their booking, or if a Qantas schedule change or disruption should occur, any changes made to the booking will require you to issue a new EMD for the Supervision Fee/s and refund the original EMD through BSP, including details of the new EMD raised. 

Are there any restrictions for booking an unaccompanied minor for my customer?

An unaccompanied minor cannot be booked on an itinerary which includes an overnight stopover or the last flight of the day. The itinerary cannot include connecting flights departing from different airports in the same city. Flights not operated by Qantas need to be booked directly with the operating carrier. The transit time between any two connecting flights is required to be more than four (4) hours. 

Prior your customer’s arrival at the airport with their child (or children), please refer your customer to unaccompanied minorsOpens in a new tab or window for further information on children travelling alone.  

Access to booking unaccompanied minors via the Qantas Distribution Platform is dependent on the capability of your Technology Partner. Please check with your Technology Partner to find out when the unaccompanied minor booking capability will be available to access via the Qantas Distribution Platform.  

For all unaccompanied minor bookings, please continue to refer to the Unaccompanied Minor and Young Passenger Policy on Qantas Agency Connect. 

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Important Information

Booking unaccompanied minors using the Qantas Distribution Platform is only available to Travel Agents that are participating in the Qantas Channel and are connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform via an Approved Technology Partner. Subject to Technology Partner capability and readiness.