Commercial Policy Changes to Economy Booking Classes on flights operated by Emirates

Commercial Policy|Published 24 March 2022

This policy applies to customers impacted by booking class changes made by Emirates.

All Qantas customers booked on Emirates flight numbers, in the following class, will require tickets to be reissued to reflect the new booking class

  • Emirates flights booked and ticketed in E class will be rebooked in R class
  • Emirates flights booked and ticketed in W class will be rebooked in M class

The following commercial policy is available to Qantas customers booked on Emirates flight numbers, holding a valid 081 ticket issued on/before 24 March 2022 for travel on/after 11 April 2022.

For customers holding a Qantas (081) Issued Ticket

Requirement Required action Ticket Reissue Conditions
1. Reissue ticket
  • Reissue of ticket to reflect new booking class (as above)
  •  Reissue with authority 428661 in endorsement box 
  • Change fee does not apply 
  • Additional fare/taxes  do not apply. 
  • All details of the original ticket including fare basis and fare calculation to be shown on the new ticket. .

Further conditions:

  • Flights no longer required must be cancelled prior to scheduled departure.
  • Flights must be cancelled by Qantas and/or Emirates and UN or HX message generated to your booking
  • All Qantas and Emirates flight changes need to be reissued prior to travel
  • Qantas will not be responsible for paying any other costs or expenses such as hotel or other ground operator fees arising due to events beyond our control, unless required by applicable laws.
  • All other rules and conditions of the ticket remain unchanged.
  • Once a ticket has been reissued using this authority, subsequent changes are subject to fare rules and conditions (unless covered by this or another commercial policy).

For customers with unticketed bookings:

For unticketed bookings, alternate flights/routings can be rebooked subject to availability and tickets issued in accordance with fare conditions.