Adding manager contact details on Qantas Agency Connect

Latest News|Published 2 March 2020

As part of the ongoing enhancements to Qantas Agency Connect, we have released a function which enables Agency Managers to add manager contact details via ‘My Agency Profile’. 

Located on the Agency Manager’s Qantas Agency Connect profile, managers are now able to update the following details using ‘My Agency Profile’: 

  • Add and remove managers 
  • Select a primary contact 
  • View the manager list 
  • Edit existing manager contact details 

We encourage you to update and maintain all your contact details on Qantas Agency Connect. 

Please note, that an Agency Manager can comprise of a number of roles within an Agency for example Owners, Team Leaders, Store Managers, Area Leaders or anyone who is responsible for the ongoing management of the Qantas Agency Connect profile. This functionality is available globally across all Qantas Agency Connect sites.