Qantas Agency Connect and Qantas Group Travel Introduction of Service Fee

Qantas is investing in improving our Agency Partners’ experience by further enhancing our online content and self-servicing capability.

Following enhancements to our online servicing model, and as part of our overall Agency program, effective 7 March 2019, Qantas will be introducing a fee of up to AUD60 for select telephone and email services performed by the Qantas Agency Connect and Qantas Group Travel teams. Service fees are currently applicable to bookings made by an Australian IATA or TIDS number.

Agents will continue to be able to process many services online with no service fee charge.

Qantas Agency Connect

1. What is Qantas Agency Connect?

The Qantas Agency Connect website, found at, has been designed to support our agency partners. Our online services include Schedule Change, Fare Quotes and Reassessments, Fare Rule Waiver, Class Upgrade, Cancelled in Error, Name Correction and Suspend Coupon. In addition, Agents can view their request numbers, which are provided for any service completed through Qantas Agency Connect, in My Requests. (Further FAQs on how to access Qantas Agency Connect are below.)

Qantas Group Travel

2. What is Qantas Group Travel?

Qantas Group Travel is available to assist agents who are booking 10 or more passengers on one flight or have 20 or more passengers travelling from multiple cities to the same destination for a common purpose. The website www.qantasgrouptravel.comOpens in a new tab or window has been exclusively designed for travel agents within Australia to access group quotes and bookings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All types of groups can be managed via the website including sports events, family reunions, school trips, mining movements, conferences, incentives and more. Further FAQs on how to access Qantas Group Travel are below.

Support to use our websites

3. Where can travel agents learn more?

Please visit the Qantas Learning HubOpens in a new tab or window to complete the learning bites created for a range of services available via Qantas Agency Connect and Qantas Group Travel.

4. How are agents supported when using Qantas Agency Connect and Qantas Group Travel?

The Qantas Agency Connect Team and the Qantas Group Travel Team can guide our agency partners using any of our online services for the first time.

Service Fees

5. When will phone and email service fees be introduced?

Qantas will be introducing a fee of up to AUD$60 for select telephone services performed by Qantas Agency Connect and Qantas Group Travel Teams from 7 March 2019. The service fee will also apply for the same services for Qantas Group Travel if the request is made via email.

6. What will the service fee be charged for?

Fees will be charged for the following services:

Qantas Agency Connect Service* Fee for service via call to Qantas Agency Connect* Charge per
Fare Quote $60.00 PNR
Fare Reassessment $60.00 PNR
Coupon Suspension $60.00 Ticket
Cancelled in Error  $60.00 PNR
Class Upgrade $60.00 PNR
Fare Rule Waiver
(Ticketing Time Limit – Consultant error; Expired Fare - Consultant error)
$60.00 PNR
Fare Rule Waiver
(Change Fee – Consultant error; Ticket Validity)
$60.00 Ticket
Other Qantas Agency Connect Services*^ Fee for other services via Qantas Agency Connect*^ Charge per
Name Correction $60.00 Ticket
Ticketing $60.00 Ticket
Refund $60.00 Ticket
Refund Calculation $20.00 Ticket
Qantas Group Travel Service* Qantas Group Travel Service* Charge per
Refund via EFT $60.00 Refund
Quote $60.00 Quote
Booking $60.00 Booking
Amendments $60.00 Amendment
Ticketing (claimed booking) $60.00 Booking
Uploading of names spreadsheet $60.00 Booking
Deposit transfer $60.00 Transfer

Important Information

*Service fees will not apply if an agent is calling or emailing Qantas Agency Connect within 1 business day of departure or Qantas Group Travel within 48 hours of departure.
^Current service fees collected by Qantas 

7. Will services facilitated online by our agency partners be charged a fee?

There are currently no fees charged for online servicing by Agents. We will continue to enhance the functionality of both our Qantas Agency Connect website and our Qantas Group Travel website and review the fees being charged by Qantas over time to support these enhancements.

8. How are fees applied?

Fees are applied depending on the service request. Whoever requests the service via telephone or email is charged. This includes Consolidators and Ticket Centres.

9. Will a service fee be charged for all Fare Quote and Fare Reassessments called through to Qantas Agency Connect?

As we understand that some fare quotes and reassessments are complex, we will not charge a fee if an agent was to submit an online form or call Qantas Agency Connect seeking assistance on any of the Global Explorer or oneworld fare families.
All other fare quotes or reassessments should be able to be facilitated via your Technology Partner.

10. What are the expected timeframes for my requests to be actioned?

Some of the online functionalities will return an immediate response to you. If a request needs to be manually reviewed by our Qantas Agency Connect or Qantas Group Travel Teams, we will endeavour to respond to you within 1 business day of receiving your request.

11. If an agent has an urgent request, will a service fee be charged?

All online servicing can be facilitated via the Qantas Agency Connect website provided such servicing is requested at least 1 business day prior to departure and for Qantas Group Travel at least 48 hours prior to departure. As this is a system limitation, no service fees will be charged to an agent calling through to Qantas Agency Connect or calling and emailing Qantas Group Travel if departure is imminent (i.e. within these timeframes).

There may be service fees charged if there is a requirement for a ticket to be issued or reissued; however, this will be quoted by our teams at the time.

12. If I have an urgent request but travel is outside of the above timeframes, how is my request prioritised?

Your request will be automatically prioritised based on your passenger’s departure date, Frequent Flyer tier status and your agency status with Qantas. We understand all passengers are important and we are committed to returning all service requests as soon as possible.

13. If I call through to Qantas Agency Connect or Qantas Group Travel for multiple service requests, will I be charged multiple fees?

Yes, you will be charged per PNR or per ticket as outlined above based on what your request is, e.g. if you request a fare reassessment and a waiver of a ticketing deadline, you will be charged $60 per service or a total of $120.

14. What does Ticketing – Claimed booking refer to for Qantas Group Travel?

Qantas provides the flexibility for our agents to claim group bookings and ticket inhouse. If changes occur after the booking has been claimed and ticketed and an agent requests Qantas to facilitate the reissue of these tickets, a $60 fee per group booking reference will apply. If an agent tickets via the Qantas Group Travel website and reissue of tickets is required, this can be facilitated via the Group Travel website or our team without incurring any service fees.

15. What form of payment can be used to pay for the Service Fee?

Travel agents can pay by Agent issued EMD or credit card. Agency credit cards are accepted for payment of Service Fees only. For further information, please refer to Qantas Payment PolicyOpens in a new tab or window.

16. If there's an outage on the site, will a Service Fee be applied?

In the event of a site outage of either Qantas Agency Connect or Qantas Group Travel the service fee will not be applied.

17. Are discounts available for some Agents?

Fees will be applied equally to all our Agency Partners.

Accessing Qantas Agency Connect

18. What is required to access Qantas Agency Connect?

To access full functionality, all agencies need to register using their IATA or TIDS number and password.

19. Who should register to access Qantas Agency Connect?

The manager or agency administrator of the office should register on behalf of the agency. Individual consultants do not need to register separately to access Qantas Agency Connect.

20. What are the steps to register my agency for Qantas Agency Connect?

Registration is an easy three step process:

  1. Complete the agency information, details and agree to our terms and conditions
  2. Submit your registration request.
  3. Receive an email confirming your agency is registered to access Qantas Agency Connect, then share login details with agency team members.

21. My agency partner has multiple IATA or TIDS numbers. Do all IATA and TIDS numbers need to be registered for Qantas Agency Connect?

Yes – due to future enhancements all IATA and TIDS numbers are required to be registered for access to Qantas Agency Connect.

22. What is an IATA or TIDS number and how can agencies obtain one?

IATA and TIDS numbers are a unique code identifying your agency globally. By obtaining an IATA or TIDS number, your bookings will be serviced and recognised by industry suppliers including airlines, hotels, car hire companies etc. Agencies need a valid IATA or TIDS number to access the full content, services and functionality of Qantas Agency Connect and Qantas Group Travel. Additional benefits of having an IATA or TIDS include sales communications and training through the Learning Hub.

An IATA or TIDS number will need to be applied for through IATA online via www.IATA.orgOpens in a new tab or window

23. I do not have a valid TIDS or IATA as I ticket via a Consolidator who currently services my bookings – will this still be possible?

Unless you have a valid IATA or TIDS number, your Consolidator will no longer be permitted to service your bookings via the Qantas Agency Connect website. We strongly recommend that you obtain a TIDS number so we can support your Agency.

24. How are Qantas Agency Connect passwords reset?

Agency Managers can manage passwords through My Agency Profile and password reset or via forgotten password on Manager login.

Accessing Qantas Group Travel

25. Who needs to register for Qantas Group Travel?

Registration is easy and can be done online at www.qantasgrouptravel.comOpens in a new tab or window. The manager or key group contact from each agency will need to initially register as an administrator. Once verified, the agency administrator will be sent details of their individual username to access the website.

26. What is required to access Qantas Group Travel?

A username and password are required to access the website. If you do not have a username, complete the registration form or contact your manager if your agency has already registered.

27. How do I reset my password for Qantas Group Travel?

If an agent is already registered to use the Qantas Group Travel site, to reset their password, they simply need to click on Forgot Your Password and nominate a new password.